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Lojong: Training the Heart and Mind

By Daniel Scharpenburg Almost two years ago I was given the title “Gegan” (teacher) and trained to teach lojong practice at the Rime Center. I spent a lot of time preparing, studying and learning. It was all very exciting, and I appreciate all opportunities to contribute to the flourishing of the Dharma in the ways that I can. Then I was asked not to teach it; they had suddenly decided to go another way. I don’t teach at the Rime Center now. I suppose there’s a lesson in there somewhere about impermanence and expectations. Maybe there’s a lesson about praise...

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My Life is Awful & My Life is Amazing (And Sometimes it is Just Okay)

  By Louis De Lauro I can’t believe that 50 years of life is just three months away. 50 is a hard number to dismiss. I have friends my age that run and play. Friends who 5K, 10K, and tough-mudder their way through life. I watch them run and play on social media and occasionally in person, and I cheer them on. I sat down on a big chair tonight at 7 pm with broken knees and a neck that can only move a bit. I’m overweight; I’m underpaid. My grey hair is colored brown. I am exhausted. I clearly have two—maybe three—chins....

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Dharma & the Dating Mom: Actually Dating {Part 2}

  By Dana Gornall There is something comforting about communicating in writing—especially in digital format. For me, writing as a form of expression has always been a better way because I could take my time with my thoughts. For some reason everything in my brain seemed to flow so much smoother when I had the chance to write it out rather than talk about it. In this texting and social media age, not only do we have the opportunity to gather our thoughts in writing, but we have the immediate gratification of being able to get a response or...

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Celebrating Samhain as a Buddhist Pagan

  By Michelleanne Bradley Samhain. This year. Fall has always been my favorite season. The colors brighten and intensify, leaves drop to the ground, the days grow shorter and nights grow longer. The rhythm of the earth seems to drift to where the natural turn is to drop the frenetic pace and settle into rest, reflection—the turn inward. I love the dark. I live in Southern California, and Fall comes in the form of burning hot temperatures and winds sometimes accompanied by fires that scorch our landscape before the Autumn rains begin. So different in my youth when Halloween often...

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Partying with the Dead

By Catherine L. Schweig In the land I was raised, we invite the deceased to move among us once a year, on this very day, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead. Every autumn, Mexico is decorated with delicate paper flags threaded together as colorful reminders of the fragile threshold that divides this world from the afterlife. I have fond memories from my childhood of walking under them as they flapped precariously in the chilly breezes that threatened to rip them. The sound they made was said to hide the whispers of the deceased...

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