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No Worries, You’ve Got This.

By Deb Avery It’s happened again. I thought I had worked through all this, and really, most of it I have, but then something like this happens and the scars begin aching again. Not overly painful, just that dull ache that works its way deep into the bones—and the heart. We all know that it’s better to walk alone than walk with others who demean us, judge us, and treat us as if we have two heads. Sometimes I feel as if I do have two heads: one that is open to all the beauty in the Universe, and...

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A Space for My Heart to Bloom.

    By Sarah Harvey I unroll my turquoise yoga mat and smile like a kid with a triple-scoop ice cream cone. I gaze lovingly at this newly created just-for-yoga, just-for-me space and feel this unparalleled sense of satisfaction. My cells are buzzing. Euphoric waves of comfort and creativity pulse through me, softly moving me towards a sweet second of surrender. One look at the carefully placed artwork on the formerly plain, peeling walls brings me to my knees. I fall to my mat and bow inward, towards myself. At first I tremble, overwhelmed with vulnerability, paralyzed with fear. But, I stay...

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Tartan Buddhas!

  By Andrew Peers Introducing the Celtic Buddhist lineage. I felt a spontaneous affinity with the author even before opening the book. The photo on the back of The Mahasiddha and His idiot Servant showed him smiling disarmingly… with just a hint of mischief in his eyes. He was wearing an aquamarine-blue tartan blanket, with a rakusu* over it in Celtic patterns that melted my heart on the spot. Lately I have thought it would be a lovely idea to make this kind of more formal dress the common sign for Buddhism’s “new-lineage-in-town”, Celtic Buddhism. We don’t need to get too fundamentalist about...

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Practicing for All Beings.

By Zuiko Redding We tend to think, in our ego-centered ways, that our practice is our practice. I, an entity separate from the rest of the universe, does this practice. We begin to quarrel when we think this way, trying to make the practice accord exactly with our ideas. We ask, “Who is this ‘I’?” “Whose practice is this, anyway?” It’s ours, but it’s also for those who cannot come sit, study, or follow the Buddha’s path with their lives. It’s for those who might come in the future and for those who can never come, but are supported by...

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Real Spirituality is Revolutionary.

  By Ben Neal I woke one morning to the sound of chainsaws. The owner of the land (what a concept…) where I live had signed a contract with a local lumber company, giving them the right to harvest some of the valuable oak, maple and cedar trees that surround my quiet country house. Soon there were stacks of freshly fallen timber piled at the end of my driveway, in pyramids 10 feet high, waiting to be loaded onto trailers and hauled to a nearby processing plant. As I walked among the piles, ran my hands along the rough...

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