August 2017

Walking the Lone Buddha Path

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The Lone Buddha Path (also known as a Pratyekabuddha) has gotten a bad rap over the millennia thanks to propaganda from the Mahayana. They've been called arrogant, apathetic, and dim-witted by those ever-compassionate Bodhisattvas who had the clarity of vision to call the early teachings the "Lesser Vehicle." That's not condescending at all, is it? [...]

Dude, Where’s My Dharma? A Review of Buddhism for Dudes {Book Review}

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Gerry Stribling delivers a brass-tax, no-holds-barred approach to a way of life that most people in the world see as abstract, esoteric, or frankly unreachable. It is honest and concise. It’s hilarious. It relays that Buddhism is not some archaic religious mumbo-jumbo. It is a disciplined approach to not only mindfulness, but happiness. [...]

You Do Not Have to Conquer the World

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Even though Dudeism is a wink and nod enterprise, there's a deceptive depth to the philosophies behind it. It takes the best of the world's religions and philosophies and leaves the rest, and it's still becoming---always becoming. Abiding is itself a deceptively simple concept until it's no longer a concept but an actuality. It's [...]

The Secret to Understanding Buddhist Ethics

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The secret to understanding Buddhist ethics (according to the Buddha’s elevator speech) is that they all spring from one ethical foundation---harmlessness. Abstaining from killing or harming others (“Do not do evil; only do good”) is the most fundamental of Buddhist principles. That’s why we don’t screw around on our wives, steal and lie; those [...]