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Hello, I am Buddhist…and Asexual

  By John Pendall I’m a fat guy. That’s part of my self-concept, but I was only able to create that by seeing someone skinnier than I am. If I’d only ever met people larger than me, I’d be a skinny guy—that would be my self-concept. We also learn who we are through reward and punishment. Our acceptable traits are reinforced, and our unacceptable ones are discouraged. Eventually, the culture’s criticizing voice is internalized, and it becomes the twisted dark side of conscience; ever-ready to point out every mistake we make. Sometimes, discouraged traits go extinct and they’re no...

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The Calm Buddha at Bedtime. {Book Review}

  By Alicia Wozniak   Reading to our kids before and at bedtime plays an important part in their lives. It tightens the bond between us, expands their imagination and hopefully, calms them down enough to fall asleep. If a lesson can be learned through stories, even better. The Calm Buddha at Bedtime gives us just that; time to bond through conversations and learn about mindfulness and compassion from stories beautifully illustrated and easily explained. There are 18 lessons; each with their own Buddha at the end summarizing the story played out by characters like Percy the ostrich and...

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See Everything as a Dream {Lojong Training}

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   This is from the mind training teachings called Lojong. See Everything As A Dream This is the Lojong teaching that comes from the section on Bodhicitta, or the mind of awakening and compassion. Slogans 2-10 are considered part of this section, so we will be talking about Bodhicitta for awhile, and the next few slogans will have similar themes. Everything is coming and going all the time. That’s a simple fact of life. We can pretend we don’t know that, we can try to hide from it, but it’s true and it’s unavoidable. Emptiness...

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The Real Reason We Hold on to Stuff & How to Let it Go

  By Leo Babauta While we might want to get out from under the mountain of possessions we have, and have all the best intentions of simplifying our lives, the truth is that we continue to have too much stuff. Part of that is laziness, an attitude of “I’ll get to it later, ”but the real driving force behind our too-much-stuffitis is fear. Fear is what causes us to buy things we don’t really need. Fear keeps us holding onto stuff we don’t need. Consider: You pack too much when you travel, and have a garage full of stuff, just...

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Growth Means Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

  By Louis De Lauro I remember visiting Russia. It felt like another universe. I remember wearing really short gym shorts provided by my middle school in the 1980’s. The shorts made me feel nearly naked and embarrassed. I remember traveling to China and walking the streets alone looking for the best dumplings; an old man told me he was impressed by the grandness of my nose. Yes, I have a big nose. I remember when I was a kid and my friends and I tried every sport we could. We even raced our bikes around the school track....

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