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Meditation Instructions: Using the Mantra SO HUM.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   This is very similar to the practice of following the breath. But, instead of following the breath, we’re going to follow a mantra instead. The mantra I am writing about today is SO HUM. This mantra means literally, “I am that.” It is supposed to bring us from normal awareness into expanded consciousness. It’s a oneness mantra, designed to remind us that we are one with the world around us, not separated from everything. We are one with everything and holding this mantra in our minds during a meditation is supposed to remind us...

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Meditation Instructions: How to Follow the Breath.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg This is probably the most common form of meditation practice. First, establish the time of the meditation. Set a timer for an amount of time that you think you can do. A lot of people like to start with just 5 or 10 minutes and try to do more after they have an established meditation practice. Find a comfortable place to sit. Adjust your posture so that your spine is erect without being stiff. Allow the rest of your body to relax. Rest your hands in your lap or on your legs. Allow your eyes...

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Starting a Mindful Meditation Practice the Easy Way.

  By Ruth Lera   We all know telling ourselves we should do something is useless. It doesn’t make us feel motivated. It doesn’t make us feel self-loving and or make us want to improve our quality of life. Telling ourselves we should do something makes us feel like we aren’t enough the way we are now and suggests that if we just did a little more or became a little of something else we might be better. But we don’t need to get better. We are perfect just as we are. Constantly giving energy to the “I should...

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From Walking To Writing: Meditation in Every Action.

  By Melody Lima We live in an over-scheduled, extra busy, stressed out world. Everyone wants and needs to relax, calm down and find some peace. For some it is a life-style choice and for others it is a health issue. We, working adults, school age children, professional athletes, parents and business tycoons, are multitasking beyond our limits. We cannot focus on a conversation, we cannot vacation with checking our smartphones and we continue to acquire more devices with screens. We are hitting the wall and it is starting to hurt. We are seeking something new, something different or maybe something old. Meditation could be...

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Meditation For Before Meals.

  By Tammy T. Stone   Sitting on the cushion, we use various techniques and methods to quiet our minds, clear our heads, become observant of our breath and sensations of the body, and learn to overcome many of the obstacles to peace of mind. But no matter how we practice, the end goal is the same—we want to be able to carry this feeling of peace with us throughout the day. We want to be mindful, present and follow a middle way that steers clear of the extremes of attachment and aversion in our everyday lives; extending our...

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