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The Guided Meditation that Opened My Heart {Video}

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   When I reflect on my practice, I realize that I’ve been on at least a dozen retreats with Vajrayana Buddhist teachers, but there are really three that stand out in my memory. Not to say that the others were bad, but a lot of the teachings I’ve received didn’t do much for me. There were a few times when I was told that an amazing teacher was coming and then when they came I just didn’t get what the big deal was. Some of  my favorite retreats have been with Zen teachers like Karen Maezen Miller and Theravada teachers...

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The Power of Living in Mindfulness: Infinite Possibilities Between Breaths

  By Deb Avery Have you ever felt that a brief moment of time seem to last forever? Maybe a moment that took your breath away with it’s beauty and grace? Or maybe it was the polar opposite and it was a moment that caused pain and sorrow and it seemed to go on forever. These moments—these spaces of time that exist between our breaths—hold the power to change lives, both our own, and others. They hold the power to change the world we live in. There is untold power in the seconds between the exhale and the inhale....

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Am I a Wayward Buddhist?

  By Ty H. Phillips Great writers always say to stay true to the course—write what you know; pick a topic that you love and just keep writing. I’ve been hesitant to do this of late. I have a passion for Buddhism but what is it that we are really offering on the day to day? What really is left to say about a topic that has been written about almost ad nuaseum? Detailed histories, the Pali Canon, the Tibetan Sutras, commentaries, Lamas, laymen and women, dabblers, critics and more have all taken a stab at Buddhism. Is what...

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Anxiety: Believing Fear-based Information.

  By Shailie Dubois I thought I was dying. I started a creative project I had dreamt about for years: I would write and illustrate a children’s book about overcoming our worries, fears and doubts from a spiritual perspective. Now that my main character overcame her obstacles, it was my turn. Over the next year all of my worries, fears and doubts manifested into anxiety. On the eve of my book launch, I experienced my first anxiety attack. It felt like I was suddenly locked inside of a cage with a wild, ravage beast. My heart pounded in fear. My...

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Shamatha Meditation: How (& Why) to Begin a Simple Practice.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   Shamatha is a style of meditation that is simple. The point of it is to free ourselves from delusion. We dwell in delusion all the time, but as long as we understand that and cultivate discipline, shamatha can help us transform ourselves. It’s about being here now. Shamatha meditation is based on bringing stability and awareness to our body, speech and mind. We want to have mindfulness of physical experience, mindfulness of emotions and mindfulness of discursive thoughts. To free ourselves from delusion we practice—we sit and meditate. Through meditation we develop a state of awareness,...

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