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You Don’t Need to Commit, Just Sit

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We don’t all have the same goals. It’s often assumed---especially by traditionalists---that the only use for mindfulness is scorching suffering from the face of samsara. But, well…shit. You can do whatever you want with it. You don’t even need a permit.   By Brent R. Oliver Some of us here at The Tattooed Buddha (TTB) tend toward the hardcore [...]

July 2017

In Meditation

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Balance, breathing and nasty wonderful thoughts encircle my head. A stinging reality, legs crossed, back straight, zoom-in, zoom-out I am taken into the vortex and quickly lost in the split of my body. Each side was pulling, tugging, vying for my attention.   By Debbie Lynn Today I was cut in half. The [...]

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The Guided Meditation that Opened My Heart {Video}

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Normally Vajrayana practices seem silly to me. When people are sitting and visualizing elaborate mandalas, I often wonder if they're really doing it.   By Daniel Scharpenburg   When I reflect on my practice, I realize that I've been on at least a dozen retreats with Vajrayana Buddhist teachers, but there are really three [...]

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