February 2016

Forgotten. {Poem}

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  By Prerna Bakshi With no lullabies to sing, no stories to tell, no songs remembered, I rock the cradle gently, hoping it will stop you from crying, but you continue to cry. I lift you up, bring you back down again, kiss you on your cheek and then back up again. I do this several [...]

Finding the Muse.

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  By Edith Lazenby I lost her last year. I am not sure how I lost her. I stopped hearing her words sing to me at night as the moon find its way into the sky. I did not see her in a child’s eyes or kitten’s cry. When the snow fell I did not [...]

Color(less). {Poem}

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  By Prerna Bakshi When did you get those shiny big earrings? When I got married. When did you get those colorful bangles? When I got married. And that partially used sindoor (vermilion) case? When I got married. And those plain white sarees, when did you get those? I didn't choose them. They were given to [...]

January 2016

Abandonia. {Poetry}

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By Andre Boissier   So long now I have been missing Which is not the same as gone or absent On a journey not of my choosing To the furthest place one can go: Abandonia A place of exile where we are Prisoner, police and on parole The banishment of self Does it happen suddenly or [...]

The Art of Love: Because Life is Nothing Without Connection.

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  By Tammy T. Stone   I am a writer. This means that I am also---by nature, inclination and disposition, with everything in me---a devoted reader. Since the time I was a young girl sneak-reading under my blue-and-white checkered Mickey Mouse and Pluto covers with a flashlight, devouring everything from Archie Comics and Choose Your [...]

Formation. {Poetry}

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  By Dara Reidyr   She is formed, unto her being, of consciousness in emerald rain; Taken from misshapen to straight, crooked views now laid to waste She is powerful, where tear drops fall, and shouts of laughter and moonbeams call, flooding down upon humanity’s goad, and cease the strife where whence they strode She roars [...]

December 2015

A Water Prayer. {Poetry}

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  By Sarah Castrigano   My parents lived on Lake Erie for a spell, right on the edge. I would take a ladder down the cliffside when the beach was exposed to find treasure down there. It was a little cove---beautiful and removed. It felt like you were climbing down into another world or somewhere far [...]