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Earning the Ink.

 By Brian Westbye I got my third tattoo done earlier this month. On my left pectoral, I got the Great Eastern Sun, the symbol of Shambhala Buddhism and the cover art of Chögyam Trungpa’s book Great Eastern Sun: The Wisdom of Shambhala. As I’ve written before, I first picked up the book in 1999, when I was 26. I was immediately drawn to the symbol and I printed it off, thinking it would make for an awesome tat. Of course, I knew I couldn’t get this symbol tattooed on my body without knowing what it was all about: I...

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I am Not Dead. I am Very Much Alive.

By Carolyn Riker It was only a dream. A deep voice, vibrated through my cells. I felt the carpet give way and the mocha-colored earth formed creases around me. Warm and safe; a quiet solace. Songbirds were an orchestra. The leaves danced seamlessly in the wind. I perched below and above into a vein of life. I had wings and they weren’t of an ordinary bird. It was a mythical being. I circled into a cosmic realm. The stars lifted me and fueled the synaptic influx of an empathetic knowing. I stepped further and books poured from my veins; poems...

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Less Than Pretty.

  By Dana Gornall I came to dance out of necessity. At around age five, I would wake up fairly regularly in the middle of the night screaming in pain from leg cramps. My bewildered mother took me to the doctor (of course), who sent me to another doctor who recommended surgery to cut the muscles in my legs. They were tighter than they were supposed to be, and this seemed to be a quick and easy “fix.” Instead she followed another doctor’s suggestion and signed me up for dance. I quickly fell head over heels in love—the smell...

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Under the Sky. {Poetry}

  By Tammy T. Stone   Up—and the sky and sun together reveal a forever-dream, inviting us to wonder what might happen if we went soaring right through the gauzy blue, where we might land, what will sink into our bones along the way. But I am still here, on this side, so I keep my gaze steady, only looking up a little, and under the cover of snow, I see electrical wires and tree branches hanging in close conference, sharing secrets. The snow has cloaked their differences but they knew this all along. They don’t ask, “Who am...

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The Metal Mind.

  By Ty Phillips   Heavy Metal. The term brings up a myriad of images and emotions: Satanism, angry youth, noise, ignorance, beauty, intelligence, art and more. It all depends on who you ask. To me, metal is like a pulse pounding, symphonic cacophony of inspired anti-establishment brilliance. Entire albums are devoted to George Orwell’s 1984, or the medieval religious persecution of Europe. Rage Against the Machine’s hip hop inspired metal musings cry out against American police state and racial policies. Truthfully, there are just crappy metal bands out there and we all had to suffer through the non-metal...

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