September 2016

The Scary Sestina.

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  By Liane Carter On Sunday I set myself a goal to write a sestina. I’d never written one before. I had to go look it up, read famous ones, and process all the A,B,C,D,E’s and F’s switching places. It seemed rather long and difficult for this poet. I took cards, pen and paper to [...]

The Tattooed Yoga Project: Building Community through Art.

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  By Peter Schaller So often, the best creations happen by accident. Like so many of us, Joe Longo, creator of the Tattooed Yoga Project, started out on a much different path. He was playing college football on a scholarship, when he stumbled across photography. Struggling with academics, he signed up for a photography course, [...]

June 2016

May 2016

The Mindful Writer. {Book Review}

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  By Dana Gornall   I was sitting on the bed in my bedroom folding an overflowing basket of clothes, when I heard my son in the other room talking to his friend. Kids don't really talk on the phone these days---they text and snapchat---but he was playing a video game remotely on the computer [...]

April 2016

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Family Gup-Shup (Chit Chat). {Poem}

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  By Prerna Bakshi Tea will be ordered. Plates of biscuits will be offered. Coffee table will be filled with samosas, kachauris, namkeen. Then, they’d all sit down to an abundant meal prepared by her (most likely that took hours in the making). If feeling generous, they’d pay her some compliments. Finishing the meal, family gossip [...]

Kindfulness by Ajahn Brahm. {Book Review}

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  By Ty H. Phillips   Ajahn Brahm does it again. Returning with this small tome of wisdom aptly titled Kindfulness, students and readers of Brahm will once again be settling into his warmth and trademark humor, as they find themselves learning not just about mindfulness, but the process of simply engaging all things with [...]

All Washed Away. {Poetry}

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  By Tom Welch We dabble in the sand, making patterns Of bricks and houses, baking breads Planting gardens, spreading beds Washing clothes, then lighting lanterns. And when the tide is finally fed We leave the beach and all's been said, All washed away, sand smoothing out In with a cry, out with a shout. [...]