August 2017

Dude, Where’s My Dharma? A Review of Buddhism for Dudes {Book Review}

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Gerry Stribling delivers a brass-tax, no-holds-barred approach to a way of life that most people in the world see as abstract, esoteric, or frankly unreachable. It is honest and concise. It’s hilarious. It relays that Buddhism is not some archaic religious mumbo-jumbo. It is a disciplined approach to not only mindfulness, but happiness. [...]

July 2017

Milarepa-Lessons from the Life and Songs of Tibet’s Great Yogi {Book Review}

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Like Trungpa after him, Milarepa led a very unique and controversial life. His story touches a group of people who would have felt they could never be redeemed so to speak.   By Ty H. Phillips   “It could manifest and grow like seeds planted throughout your life, so that life itself becomes [...]

June 2017

Fighting Buddha {Book Review}

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Mr. Eisenberg has had bad experiences. He’s been led astray by teachers, seen disgusting martial-arts snake oil sold as legitimate self-defense, and watched Buddhist leaders acting badly, practicing the opposite of what they preach. He doesn’t call anyone out by name, but he writes extensively of the misdeeds and charlatanism he’s witnessed over the [...]

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January 2017

The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers by Scott Edelstein {Book Review}

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Far too many students approach a spiritual teacher with unreasonable or ignorant ideas about what the teacher can do for them. It’s not usually their fault; they just don’t know exactly what a spiritual teacher does. By Brent R. Oliver Scott Edelstein has done a great service for anyone interested in studying with [...]