October 2017

What Type of Meditation Did Bodhidharma Practice?

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The long, arduous path of concentration and mindfulness that marks Jhana meditation still exists today in the Theravadin schools, but for most meditators, it is too difficult to practice. It typically requires a monastic lifestyle of quiet surroundings and constant meditation to be successful.   By Robert Epstein What is the actual practice [...]

September 2017

Why I Meditate

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Have I found the answers to the questions I was looking for? Definitely not. But I have come to the acceptance that there are no answers. I’ve had a glimpse of another big question that I didn’t even know I should be asking when I started meditating. That was a nice surprise.   [...]

June 2017

January 2017

Yes, Those Weird Experiences During Meditation are Normal (& They’re Called Nyams)

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Strange experiences will most likely occur if you practice for a long time.   By Daniel Scharpenburg The Tibetan Master Jamgon Kongtrul described various experiences that can come up during our meditation practice. These are temporary experiences that come up sometimes and we can see them as sort of a roadmap for our awakening. [...]

December 2016

Opening the Sky Door: Introduction to Vipassana Meditation

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Vipassana is what makes you aware of the potential for enlightenment. It is dwelling in enlightenment, without the small self, the ego.   By Daniel Scharpenburg When people talk about meditation they're usually talking about one kind---Shamatha, or concentration meditation. Vipassana, or Insight Meditation is another kind that's often done alongside Shamatha. Shamatha provides [...]

November 2016

Authentic Spirituality Means Connecting with Our Ordinary, Mundane Life.

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We must turn toward our body and our life as the proper and only possible arena for authentic spiritual development—as the only place where our path can unfold and as the only possible true access point for our genuine realization.   By Reginald A. Ray, Ph.D. My principal meditation teacher was Chögyam Trungpa [...]

January 2016