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The Passing of Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone & The Reason We Need to Talk More About It

  By Daniel Scharpenburg Michael Stone was a pretty famous Buddhist teacher from Canada. I’m not going to lie to you and say I was a fan, as people often do when celebrities die. I had heard his name, but I didn’t really know anything about him, to be quite honest. I know that he taught Buddhism and Yoga. He was a non-traditional Buddhist teacher. He studied with Zen and Insight meditation teachers. He believed Buddhism didn’t have to be held back by tradition. He famously said on his website “I don’t wear robes.” From his website: “And I believe...

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Breaking the Addiction: My Choice of Drug was Sadness

By Adam Wilkinson Addiction knows no bounds. I challenge anyone in the world to claim they have no addictions. It’s so easy to label addiction as a chemical dependency when it is so much more. Addiction is tricky. Most of the time we don’t even recognize our own addictions. We fail to recognize them because we have come to accept and label that addiction is limited to the realm of chemical dependency. There’s a new concept I have recently become aware of and it is relatively pertinent to the social issues currently raging across the globe—emotional addiction. Some of us...

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Let Freedom Sing: A Break up Letter to Addiction.

  By Gerri Ravyn Stanfield   I never thought I would make it past 30. Birth was the first time I took air inside myself.  Then, the new sound from my raw throat floated away from me. That first time my voice pierced the world, I was not welcome. I longed to return to that quiet dark liquid place that tricked me into thinking it was home.  I wasn’t real for a long time. I immediately hated anything that pushed me further into this unwanted emergence. My voice was to blame, so I banished it. When I was 12, my...

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