Author: Tanya Tiger

Resolving to be More Mindful

  By Tanya Tiger Welcome to 2018. Here’s to putting the past behind us and moving forward. The new year gives me a solid place to stop and take a moment to reflect on where I’ve been and where I am going, or want to go, in the coming year. I don’t really do resolutions anymore. I used to set weight loss or fitness goals and set up timelines for new projects, but I discovered that I’m a bit of a rebel and locking myself into strict commitments right off the bat never seemed to work out for me....

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Laying a Foundation of Kindness on Common Ground

  By Tanya Tiger If we’re not careful we end up adding to the suffering by forgetting to show ourselves compassion. The sense of pain and anguish in the air is palpable these days. It makes it difficult, sometimes nearly impossible, to hold compassion in our hearts. We can’t make sense out of what we are seeing and hearing. We can’t understand how we got to this place, and we’re left wondering how we can fix what has been so badly broken in our society. So much damage has been done to one another and to ourselves. I know...

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Teaching Compassion within the Tragedy

  By Tanya Tiger Last night, I sat in the living room with my husband and five year old daughter, watching the nightly news. It was a pretty typical evening. Footage of Hurricane Harvey was being shown and the news anchors were interviewing people who had lost everything. I was covered from head-to-toe in goosebumps and, as I listened, my eyes welled up with tears. My heart ached for each and every soul who now had to make the long journey of healing and rebuilding their lives. My daughter looked over and said, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I...

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Media, Electronics & Other Weapons of Mass Distraction

  By Tanya Tiger I fear we are quickly becoming a nation of distracted consumers. I won’t generalize by saying we all get caught up in television shows, social media, or stare endlessly at our smartphones, but I believe that many of us fall into this trap. I can’t remember the last time I went hiking and didn’t see numerous people texting or talking on their phones while on the trails—completely distracted by the glowing device in their hand—they miss the point of being out in nature. My internal dialogue sounds something like this, “Yes, you’re out in the...

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You Have a Voice…Use It.

  By Tanya Tiger I sit here, unsure what to write. It’s been so long since I felt even a tickle of inspiration or desire to put “pen to paper.” The world around me is swirling in a strange state of chaos mixed with unity, as if the universe itself was walking the line between expansion and complete collapse. There is an odd hum of energy no matter where you turn. People who have said or done little to voice their opinions are turning out in droves to express what their hearts can no longer bear to keep silent....

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