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Tammy T. Stone is a Canadian writer, photographer and chronicler of life as it passes through us. A wanderer at heart, she’s mesmerized by people, places and all of our wildest dreams; the world is somehow so vast and so small. She feels incredibly lucky to have been able to work, learn and live abroad, writing, photographing and wellness-practicing along the way. She invites you to see her photography here and to connect with her on her writer’s page, Twitter and her blog, There’s No War in World. Her first book, Formation: Along the Ganges and Back Again, published by Prolific Press, is available here.

March 2015

I Take My Emotions For a Walk.

By | 2016-10-14T07:52:29+00:00 March 3rd, 2015|blog, Buddhism, Featured, Yoga|

    By Tammy T. Stone It’s Day Nine of a 10 of a meditation retreat. For eight days, we’ve been following a rigid structure of sitting meditation, walking meditation, seva (chores or service), and listening to Dharma talks. The days are bookended by a gentle, pre-dawn yoga practice and barefooted evening walks around lakes scantily [...]

February 2015

In Compassion’s Arms: Hearing the Dalai Lama Laugh.

By | 2016-10-14T07:52:44+00:00 February 11th, 2015|blog, Buddhism, Featured, Interfaith|

  By Tammy T. Stone There are three lines: one for monks, one for Tibetans and one for foreigners. We’re at Dharamsala’s Kalachackra Temple on the first morning of the Dalai Lama’s three-day Introduction to Buddhism teaching. Dusty roads and smaller alleyways wind down the hilly mountains at the foothills of the Himalayas, converging past [...]

January 2015

Under the Sky. {Poetry}

By | 2016-10-14T07:53:01+00:00 January 18th, 2015|Arts, blog, Featured|

  By Tammy T. Stone   Up—and the sky and sun together reveal a forever-dream, inviting us to wonder what might happen if we went soaring right through the gauzy blue, where we might land, what will sink into our bones along the way. But I am still here, on this side, so I keep [...]