Author: Tammy T. Stone

Walking into Lonely. {Poetry}

  By Tammy T. Stone It’s a brave thing I’ve come to think To be lonely when connections Have been severed To be without defenses Which have caged us so long Finding our steps into any of Various paths marked in ways Which defy our understanding. In loneliness, we see The strange for the strange The fear for the fear And then everything, From the species of ladybug Surprising us anew, To the tree with its sinewy roots, The person hobbling on the street With the aid of a cane Is no longer how we see it, But what...

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An Interview with Emma Mildon, Author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook.

  By Tammy T. Stone   Emma Mildon likes to think of herself as your Spiritual Personal Assistant. Author of the newly-published The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, Mildon wrote this book aware that many want to embark on a spiritual path but may not have the time or know-how to hit the floor running. To help resolve this problem, she uses her own experiences—and delightful humor—to craft a handy roadmap to the various practices one might find as they undertake the search for self-growth. In addition to describing various practices and techniques, from yoga and meditation to chakra cleansing and...

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What If: A Love Song to Self-Acceptance. {Poetry}

  By Tammy T. Stone This is essentially about self-love, self-acceptance and the power of desiring without attachment, but I was feeling a bit effusive about it all, so here we go! What if? What if I had been born with butterfly wings? A great Monarch, a dazzling alchemy of orange and black. Even better, what if I was born as a whole colony of little white butterflies, and I could flutter my wings and soar when the universe and I knew the time was ripe? What if I could sing like Sia and move every last earthly mountain...

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Despite the Terror, We are Love.

  By Tammy T. Stone   I don’t mean to sound trite or self-helpy when I say that we are love. I was probably born spewing cynicisms and am a recovering pessimist. I believe it’s important to be aware of our current realities, and not turn a blind eye to the tragedies in our midst. I believe in knowing that corruption and impure intentions form a part of the web of our humanity as we’ve evolved up to this point (Not devolved. Bad news makes us think we are devolving, but I don’t believe devolution is our narrative arc). I...

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Introverts Need People, Too.

  By Tammy T. Stone All my life, I’ve lived in my head. My mother tells me that they used to sit me on the windowsill of my grandmother’s apartment when I was a wee one and while everyone else chatted away, I’d stare out the window, occasionally pointing at things and asking, “Sta?” I was in my own little world, fascinated with the world around me. This tendency to be introspective and observational by disposition has stayed with me. When I was in my early twenties, a close friend told me that my best quality was my independence, and my...

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