Author: Tammy T. Stone

Why Don’t We Like Ourselves?

  By Tammy T. Stone Self-love has become a holy-grail buzzword. We’ve mused, contemplated, read countless articles offering tips for a fulfilling life brimming with self-care and empowerment, but the fact remains: most of us find it so. very. hard. Isn’t it strange that we have such a difficult relationship with the only self we’ve been? Shouldn’t loving ourselves be the most natural thing in the world, achieved without thinking, the way the sun shines every morning and the stars come out to dance at night? Instead, we’re living double lives: Facebooking and Instagramming pictures that put a shine on existence,...

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Anicca: the Balm of Impermanence.

    By Tammy T. Stone A day is long, a life is short. That’s how it feels, anyway. Isn’t this interesting? By long, I mean that there are times (government agency line-ups, anyone?) when we’re desperate to speed time up, and others when we reach high levels of anxiety thinking of the years that have mysteriously gone by. We experience all sorts of discomfort and pain, and look back on these precise moments with nostalgia. Isn’t this fascinating? These are times when we are not particularly peaceful. We want things to be other than they are. We pine,...

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It Matters that We’re Here.

  By Tammy T. Stone This will be short and sweet. The thought came to me and I couldn’t shake it—I wanted to share it. I thought that maybe if I needed to hear it, you might too. It matters that we are here. I don’t exactly know how it matters. Even if I did, my reason for it mattering might well be different from yours. But, we probably don’t feel all that different about so many things. We might connect over being filled with hopes and dreams. We might share, say, having lost so many gifted, soul-lifting musicians...

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The Art of Love: Because Life is Nothing Without Connection.

  By Tammy T. Stone   I am a writer. This means that I am also—by nature, inclination and disposition, with everything in me—a devoted reader. Since the time I was a young girl sneak-reading under my blue-and-white checkered Mickey Mouse and Pluto covers with a flashlight, devouring everything from Archie Comics and Choose Your Own Adventure books, to the Sweet Valley High and Flowers in the Attic series, books have been my co-conspirators in life. They have been, at times, companions, friends, heated debate partners, gentle witnesses and yes, also very much like lovers. I don’t mean to...

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A New Year with Our Beautiful Old Selves.

  By Tammy T. Stone Plain and simple: our thoughts are never entirely new. Imagine if every time you had a thought, a little fact-checking creature inside of you rang a gong and shouted, “Unoriginal thought! The thought you just experienced already occurred at place X, by person Y, in the year Z.” To be constantly reminded that there is nothing original issuing from this mind I bounded into the world with would be terrifying in a Matrix-y, déjà vu, time-warpy, Stepford Wives-ish kind of way—if that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t. Buddhist teachings, and eventually common sense,...

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