Author: Ty Phillips

How to Deal Mindfully When Things Don’t Go as Planned

  By Ty H. Phillips   Injuries are inherent in sports. At some point, if you play anything from ping pong to powerlifting, you will be faced with a sprain or tear or break of some form. I’ve been fairly lucky. I guess you could say. I’ve not had many severe injuries, although I have had severe health issues (but that’s an old story). As a lifter who has been up into the 1000 pound area of squatting, it’s amazing that I have had little to no major injuries. Yet, take muscles that are conditioned over years and years...

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The Guru Drinks Bourbon {Book Review}

  By Ty H. Phillips   “Any guide that can be switched off and rewound while you browse a pornographic magazine or gamble is not going to work.” Right in the introduction, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse nails it. To me, this was the essence of the book—derailment. I have noticed that there are predominantly two types of people, those who are desperate for the guru, accepting almost anyone who uses the title and giving themselves wholeheartedly to even the most vile of people and those who refuse all gurus and insist on relying on their “inner guru” in an attempt...

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The Truth is, Suffering is not Optional, It is Inevitable…But…

  By Ty H. Phillips   Being sick, sucks. That’s really all there is to say about it. You feel miserable, long term health issues can cause emotional distress and depression and you are unable to fully enjoy the things and people around you. This being said, I feel it is paramount to address a growing trend in new age and Buddhist lingo; “suffering is optional.” While well meaning, this is both inaccurate as far as Buddhist teachings are concerned but also a sign of a dangerous teacher. Suffering is inherent in life. We get sick, we lose friends...

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Am I a Wayward Buddhist?

  By Ty H. Phillips Great writers always say to stay true to the course—write what you know; pick a topic that you love and just keep writing. I’ve been hesitant to do this of late. I have a passion for Buddhism but what is it that we are really offering on the day to day? What really is left to say about a topic that has been written about almost ad nuaseum? Detailed histories, the Pali Canon, the Tibetan Sutras, commentaries, Lamas, laymen and women, dabblers, critics and more have all taken a stab at Buddhism. Is what...

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Deadlifts & Buddhist Wisdom: What Happens When We Let Go of Goal

  By Ty H. Phillips I have a strong back. In fact, I have always prided myself in my back strength, so when I was hurt last week doing what I always do, I was a little frustrated. Now, before I go on, allow me to quantify that statement. I do have a strong back. I am no Eddy Hall (world record deadlifter with an 1100lb pull) but for a 40 year old guy who only weighs 243lbs, I am very near the 700lb mark once again. So, better than average but far from the top. That being said,...

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