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Ty Phillips is the co-founder and director of The Tattooed Buddha. A former big city bouncer, now pacifist Buddhist minister, and writer he spends his time counseling youth and hard to reach adults in peaceful and engaged means. Using his past as an example, he is able to engage those who would otherwise probably not seek out and relate to dharma teachers. Ty is a contributing author for The Good Men Project, Rebelle, BeliefNet, Patheos and The Petoskey News. He is a long term Buddhist and a lineage holder, as well as a father to three amazing girls and a tiny dog named Fuzz. You can see his writing at The Good Men Project, BeliefNet, Rebelle Society.

June 2016

Hello, My Name is {Fill in the Blank} & I Have a Mental Illness.

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  By Ty H. Phillips   My name is Ty Phillips and I have mental illness. Many of you already know this, especially if you’ve followed my writing for any length of time. When I first started sharing and writing, it was a topic I mentioned frequently because it was something very dominant in my [...]

May 2016

Falling off the Buddha Wagon.

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  By Ty H. Phillips   Buddhism isn’t about making things pretty. It’s about paying attention and we aren’t paying attention when we are distracted by fanciful thinking. Reality is nuts and bolts, earth and rain---not a series of new-agey positive psychology. Falling off of the excited convert train is hard. Filled with excitement and zeal [...]

Everybody Wants Enlightenment, But Nobody Wants to Lift the Weight.

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Atlas and the Hesperides, Jon Singer Sargent 1925   By Ty H. Phillips Ronnie Coleman, the eight time winner of the title Mr. Olympia, was quoted as saying, “everybody wants to be a body builder but nobody wants to lift this heavy ass weight.” While not known as an intellectual, he makes a profound point. [...]

April 2016

March 2016

Ty, You’re Dying.

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by Ty H Phillips In 2011, three words changed my life; “Ty, you’re dying.” I can never unhear them and unlike what you see on TV when someone finds out they are gravely ill, each moment was not more crisp for me, in fact, each passing moment was terrifying. There was no blue sky awakening, [...]

February 2016