Author: Ty Phillips

Am I a Wayward Buddhist?

  By Ty H. Phillips Great writers always say to stay true to the course—write what you know; pick a topic that you love and just keep writing. I’ve been hesitant to do this of late. I have a passion for Buddhism but what is it that we are really offering on the day to day? What really is left to say about a topic that has been written about almost ad nuaseum? Detailed histories, the Pali Canon, the Tibetan Sutras, commentaries, Lamas, laymen and women, dabblers, critics and more have all taken a stab at Buddhism. Is what...

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Deadlifts & Buddhist Wisdom: What Happens When We Let Go of Goal

  By Ty H. Phillips I have a strong back. In fact, I have always prided myself in my back strength, so when I was hurt last week doing what I always do, I was a little frustrated. Now, before I go on, allow me to quantify that statement. I do have a strong back. I am no Eddy Hall (world record deadlifter with an 1100lb pull) but for a 40 year old guy who only weighs 243lbs, I am very near the 700lb mark once again. So, better than average but far from the top. That being said,...

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The Path is Not Always Clean: Clogged Pipes & The Four Truths.

  By Ty H. Phillips Three months ago or thereabouts, I became a plumbers apprentice. It was nothing like I expected. Instead of replacing penny-colored copper pipes and adjusting bathtubs, I spend my days jackhammering, digging trench, and for lack of a better term, churning feces—or as I refer to it—the dookie butter. I should really think about reaching out to Mike Rowe (host of the show Dirty Jobs), he’d have a proverbial buttload of fun standing knee deep in sewage grinding 40 year old cast iron pipe as they explode into poop filled pressure canons. Needless to say,...

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Awakening From the Daydream {Book Review}.

By Ty H. Phillips In the middle of 2011 I was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome. I was experiencing massive heart failure and was told that I was dying. As one can imagine, the threat of my mortality looming immanently had a profound effect on my psyche, as did the surgeries and long hospital stays. I became obsessed, so to speak, with the idea of death and dying and what I was going to experience. I read Stiff, No Death No Fear, Paranormal and myriads of other texts on what I may or may not experience. During the course...

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The Children of War.

  By Ty H. Phillips It happens time and time again. I log onto Facebook only to be greeted with videos or pictures of abused, mutilated, and suffering children; to say I am affected is an understatement. To say I am crushed and left reeling is more than obvious. The tears of the children leave me angry, hateful and devoid of hope for our world. I see the cognitive dissonance of millions as they claim liberalism, yet ignore the plight of children all over the world or think the best solution is destabilizing their government or by sending care...

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