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Ty Phillips is the co-founder and director of The Tattooed Buddha. A former big city bouncer, now pacifist Buddhist minister, and writer he spends his time counseling youth and hard to reach adults in peaceful and engaged means. Using his past as an example, he is able to engage those who would otherwise probably not seek out and relate to dharma teachers. Ty is a contributing author for The Good Men Project, Rebelle, BeliefNet, Patheos and The Petoskey News. He is a long term Buddhist and a lineage holder, as well as a father to three amazing girls and a tiny dog named Fuzz. You can see his writing at The Good Men Project, BeliefNet, Rebelle Society.

November 2016

Buddha Tells Us to Calm The F*ck Down & Sh*t.

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I was a little shocked, but probably no more than the average person that meets me and finds out that I am Buddhist. I don't fit the stereotypical, white, hippie, vegan image that most people imagine. By Ty H. Phillips   The job I was working last month quickly dried up. His recent hires, [...]

October 2016

September 2016

The Path is Made to Walk On, Not Hide Behind.

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  By Ty H. Phillips Quite often, we offer wonderful advice while following none of it. Our cognitive dissonance allows us to see great swaths of perspective except for our own. We encourage others to embrace and love themselves while we hate ourselves. We offer encouragement and love to others while showing ourselves none of it. [...]

August 2016

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June 2016

Hello, My Name is {Fill in the Blank} & I Have a Mental Illness.

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  By Ty H. Phillips   My name is Ty Phillips and I have mental illness. Many of you already know this, especially if you’ve followed my writing for any length of time. When I first started sharing and writing, it was a topic I mentioned frequently because it was something very dominant in my [...]