Author: Ty Phillips

Why Silence is Scary.

  By Ty Phillips Science has given us a fairly definitive answer on what noise does to the human body. In a culture that is constantly plugged in, tuned in and on the go, we are in a state of perpetual noise and motion. The TV is on in one room and the radio is on in another. We cook while watching yet another TV that is on in the kitchen. When we take a walk we have our iPods in, oblivious to the world around us and when we drive we drown out the sounds of our children...

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The Metal Mind.

  By Ty Phillips   Heavy Metal. The term brings up a myriad of images and emotions: Satanism, angry youth, noise, ignorance, beauty, intelligence, art and more. It all depends on who you ask. To me, metal is like a pulse pounding, symphonic cacophony of inspired anti-establishment brilliance. Entire albums are devoted to George Orwell’s 1984, or the medieval religious persecution of Europe. Rage Against the Machine’s hip hop inspired metal musings cry out against American police state and racial policies. Truthfully, there are just crappy metal bands out there and we all had to suffer through the non-metal...

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Yes, Buddhism has Failed You: A Rebuttal to Against Invulnerability.

  By Ty Phillips Buddhism has failed you. This is at least partially what Philosopher Todd May would like you to believe in his piece for the New York Times titled, Against Invulnerability. May argues that the teachings for the cessation of desire, dispassion and his self titled invulnerability doctrine, are in fact, inhuman and unfeeling. Unfortunately May, a professor of philosophy, seems to be ignoring the entirety of the Buddha’s life and teachings in order to bolster his claim. Buddhism has failed you. Again, I say this not because it’s what May wants you to believe, but because...

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Turning a Blind Eye to Violence.

    By Ty Phillips   Ten years as a bouncer in downtown nightclubs exposed me to all kinds of human…vice. I’d busted fingers, noses, heads and even had my own attitude handed back to me in spades on occasion. That’s how it goes though—you win some, you lose some. As a bouncer, you want to win more than you lose though. They weren’t paying me to get beat up. They were paying me to be heavy handed enough to scare off unwanted elements. I liked my job. I liked the money and the women. What I liked most,...

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What it Means to be a “Real Man.”

  By Ty Phllips It seems to be an ever more popular pastime to write or comment about what “real men” do. I am going to start this off by saying, “real men” don’t worry about what other “real men” do, because they are secure enough to not care what is or is not measured as being “manly.” You have to have a beard, you have to be over 6′ tall, you have to have tattoos, muscles, women, money, emotions, no emotions, be able to cry, never cry and blah, blah, blah. The list seems to be never ending...

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