Author: Sherrin Fitzer

Sit Down, Be Still, Shut Up: A Basic Meditation Guide

  By Sherrin Fitzer I first became interested in meditation when I was in high school, but cannot remember how or why. I bought the book called, How to Meditate  by Lawrence LaShan. The rest of my memories are hazy. I do remember thinking that I could not meditate because I could not banish all thoughts from my mind. Unfortunately, I did not have a teacher or anyone to correct this misunderstanding. It was over 20 years later that I revisited meditation, after a retreat at The Human Kindness Foundation. And I have been meditating ever since. Sit Down. Posture...

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A Second of Cancer’s Lessons: Being Okay With Not Knowing.

  By Sherin Fitzer  I got 99 questions and no answers to be found. The following is a list of just a few of the questions that have arisen since I received a cancer diagnosis last year: “Why Me?” Is the surgery going to remove all of the cancer? Should I get chemo? I am getting chemo; did I make a mistake? Why did this cancerous lymph node show up in my abdomen right when I was going to be released from chemo? My money is running out. Should I get disability? When should I go back to work? Am...

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One of Cancer’s Lessons: Allowing Yourself to be Cared For.

  By Sherrin Fitzer I am a caregiver, always have been. I have cared for friends and lovers, worked in helping fields and volunteered for agencies that help people and animals. I have been a teacher and now work at a women’s prison with the women and their children. I have volunteered for The Humane Society, AIDS Task Force, Planned Parenthood and more. I am not accustomed to allowing others to care for me. In September of 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer and I am now going through chemotherapy. I have had to drastically change my attitude toward...

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Turn Black Friday Into Buy Nothing Day.

  By Sherrin Fitzer The Presidential election in 2012 brought 129,235 Americans to the polls. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and biggest shopping day of the year, saw 95.5 million people hit the stores that same year. Traditionally stores would open in the wee hours of the morning on Fridays and, many people would camp out overnight to get their promised bargains. Over the years, stores have started offering their bargains earlier and earlier causing many workers to miss Thanksgiving with their families. Hunting for bargains has turned dangerous or deadly for some shoppers. The current Black Friday...

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What Women in Prison Want You to Know About Them.

  By Sherrin Fitzer All of my friends on Facebook seem to be binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. Articles are popping up everywhere debating if the show portrays prison accurately or how different the show is from Piper Kerman’s real life. The show gets some things right about women in prison and it gets some wrong. Regardless, what it has done is get people talking about incarcerated women—a traditionally invisible population. I decided to ask real women in prison the following question: “If you could tell people one thing about you, what would it be?” Here were some of...

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