Author: Ruth Lera

All the Support You Need is Waiting for You.

By Ruth Lera Our task as humans is to balance our individuality with our interconnection. Most of the time life can feel piled miles high on our shoulders. All the pressures, all the ways to be and all the things to do. All the things we want from ourselves. Or worse, all the things other people want from us. We can feel so alone, like we are the only ones who can figure out our lives. This can make us feel this sense of impossibility, that somehow our own pathetic consciousness is supposed to know what it is we are supposed to...

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Stress Happens, but You Can Choose How to Respond.

  By Ruth Lera   Nobody is perfect. We all know that, but still we don’t like it. I didn’t like being terribly imperfect during those years when I worked in a challenging job as a Family Support Worker for Social Services and came home stressed and exhausted to my family each and everyday fists raised, mouth yelling. It was a demanding position connecting me to struggling families and burnt out social workers. My days involved disagreements with co-workers and horror stories of child abuse. And when I would come home to my family at the end of the day...

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The 2 Most Dangerous Words We Use on Our Path to Enlightenment.

  By Ruth Lera   “Self-reflection is how we can transform society. Transforming society happens one person at a time, by our willingness to be kind to ourselves, and our willingness to be kind to one another.”    -Sakyong Mipham- This has been one of my favorite quotes for many years now. This concept—that our personal self-awareness process is essential to our personal growth and that our willingness to transform our inner war to a place of inner peace for the benefit of the entire planet—is one of the most useful things we can do as a human individual. It...

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What Would We be If We Stopped Overthinking?

  By Ruth Lera   Whatever thoughts you have in your mind, don’t matter as much as you think they do. This is what meditation is all about, noticing our thoughts without getting caught up in them, and the point of meditating is to bring this awareness into all of our life. But if you are anything like me then you probably forget this all the time and often find yourself caught up in believing that whatever you’re thinking about is crucial, incredibly important and so life shattering that you need to hold onto it closely. That somehow the...

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Today I Will Keep My Eyes Open. {Poetry}

    By Ruth Lera Today it is time To keep my eyes open And my heart Alert Even though I know (and if I am honest with you dread) that it will all spill forth   But still today I will keep my eyes open Letting the puniness of the personal Fade away as the sun does before we are ready to let the party end Because there is a largeness In our midst Caught in our throats Trapped beneath our feet And it is screaming to be healed I hear it all the time   So, today...

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