Author: Ruth Lera

From Darkness: The Journey of Winter Solstice.

By Ruth Lera It can feel so dark where I live. Of course, by this I mean both my inner and outer environments. You all know what I mean. How dark we can feel inside sometimes, like no one will ever love us again. How just the act of taking our own heads out from under the blanket can seem impossible, and how we can feel so sure that there is no viable choice for our life except to stay in our warm—yet lonely—beds, overflowing with heartache forever. This is what the dark can feel like and we all know...

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A Confession: I Still Have No Clue What Enlightenment Is.

  By Ruth Lera   “Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” ~ Chögyam Trungpa This is more of a question than an article really, because if there is anyone who can help with me understanding  the concept enlightenment, I am sure it is the readers of The Tattooed Buddha. You see, after all these years of studying Buddhism, visiting monasteries and hanging out with self-professed awakened beings, I still have no clue what enlightenment is. Chogyam Trungpa’s quote about enlightenment being ego’s disappointment definitely feels intuitively true, but when I try to really grasp the concept with my mind, it flies...

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Wanting Out of This Society Makes Me Want to Go Full In.

  By Ruth Lera   I am supposed to be meditating right now. The heat is on in the guest room (that I am now calling the yoga room) and my pillow and mat are laid out waiting for me. But somehow when my insides are all raw, which is often, and I feel a little shattered inside, it is hard to go meditate. It can feel like something that never worked in the first place is now even more broken, so broken that all I can do is sweep up the whole mess and toss it out the...

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On Being a JewBu.

  By Ruth Lera   I’ve never really considered myself a JewBu, but of course with a rebel mentality like mine I’ve never really considered myself anything. Honestly, the term free-spirit even feels too confining for my natural craving to carve my own path. But according to Wikipedia I definitely am a Jewbu as it defines this as, “a person with a Jewish background who practices forms of Buddhist meditation and spirituality.” Jewish, I have been since birth. Somehow being Jewish isn’t one of those things you ever stop being. The Buddhist stuff I chose later. But let’s start...

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Starting a Mindful Meditation Practice the Easy Way.

  By Ruth Lera   We all know telling ourselves we should do something is useless. It doesn’t make us feel motivated. It doesn’t make us feel self-loving and or make us want to improve our quality of life. Telling ourselves we should do something makes us feel like we aren’t enough the way we are now and suggests that if we just did a little more or became a little of something else we might be better. But we don’t need to get better. We are perfect just as we are. Constantly giving energy to the “I should...

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