Author: Ruth Lera

Compassion is Always a Choice We Can Make

  By Ruth Lera “Primary feelings are simply feelings, and every day consists of pleasant, painful and neutral moments. Our painful experience does not represent failure.” -Jack Kornfield Last week I was mad. I mean I didn’t want to be mad. I didn’t want to be all wound up blaming this person and that person for my internal sense that I was inadequate and failing in some way, but like it or not that was the primary emotion that was arising in my system. This was a difficult emotion for me to accept because I could see logically that...

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This is Why Meditation is for the Brave of Heart

  By Ruth Lera   I try my best to remind my students that the act of meditation is a great act of courage. The reason for this is that I can’t stress enough that we all have pain and suffering. I am all too aware that much of the pain and suffering that goes on in the world are acts of great atrocity. That these horrible acts of cruelty are often so terrible, it is difficult not to find ourselves casting our eyes away, because just the thought of what some people and animals are going through on this...

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The Depth of Silence.

  By Ruth Lera Does anyone else know themselves to be an introverted extrovert? Or perhaps an extroverted introvert? Basically, someone who is energized by being around people loving to chat and connect, but also needs a lot of alone time, too. This is me. Lately, I have been getting a lot of alone time I need, and it is amazing. What is really incredible is the silence. The silence that isn’t really silence. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes when we imagine silence, we imagine nothing; black nothingness with nothing happening. This is not the experience of...

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What Will I Say at The Dinner Party? (Poetry)

  By Ruth Lera   What do you say at the dinner party when there is not that much me Do you talk about the weather and how it looks like it might snow Because when the soul runs the show And the complaints dissipate into a thin mist That explodes out of the body And into pure clear Space As fast as it entered Then there can be so much less to talk about I don’t like things is such a connection point for conversation Whereas I am expansive and powerful And in love with the black and...

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From Darkness: The Journey of Winter Solstice.

By Ruth Lera It can feel so dark where I live. Of course, by this I mean both my inner and outer environments. You all know what I mean. How dark we can feel inside sometimes, like no one will ever love us again. How just the act of taking our own heads out from under the blanket can seem impossible, and how we can feel so sure that there is no viable choice for our life except to stay in our warm—yet lonely—beds, overflowing with heartache forever. This is what the dark can feel like and we all know...

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