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Go Forth & Love Deeply.

  By Gretchen Spletzer   I was thinking yesterday about all that we endure because of the ability to feel so deeply. We not only experience the vast spectrum of feelings but all the way to the outer extremes—and a few of us even have the ability to feel what others feel. The pain and agonies, the fierce red fires of rage, the deepest caves of sadness, despair, even wanting to get the hell out of here at times, you know what I mean. We have all called it a curse more than once, but on the other side of all...

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Yes, I Do Miss You (But I Wish I Didn’t).

  By Andrea Baker “I felt a great disturbance in the force… as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced… I fear something terrible has happened. ” ~ Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope)   Obi Wan had a flair for the dramatic, but I do know how he feels. Of course, he was referring to the destruction of the planet Alderaan and all of its peaceful inhabitants. My own version doesn’t involve tragic genocide, but I definitely know that feeling of suddenly experiencing a gaping hole where there...

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Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thyself—Unapologetically.

  By Christine Suero   I have come to know the spirit that lives in me in both good and bad times. I have looked up at the sky in the middle of a summer day in Washington DC at a time when I was head over heels in love and God was there. Time stood still, the clouds parted and I saw the rays of divinity shining through. It is a lovely memory of two lovers in love, playfully strolling through Washington DC’s National Park, snapping pictures in front of historic monuments. The sun was warm; we wore...

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Love is & Always Will Be There (Even if Sometimes it Goes on a Holiday).

  By Hellena Post We’ve just enacted our shivery skinned, soft lipped, sensual supplication to love—love that leaves a big hole when it goes on vacation, and fills the house to overflowing when it returns. Love that turns a potentially tragic life into a dream. Love that makes sense of everything, imbues with meaning, and can turn every action into purpose. Love that reminds that everything is everything, connected and created, following the slip threads of every other thing into love. Kids safely bribed with cups of tea and a cartoon, we close the doors and settle into each...

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Even Though He Didn’t Love Me Back.

  By Kate Joyner I spent half my life thinking there was something wrong because he didn’t love me back. I spent half my life feeling like I got it wrong, that my feelings are wrong because he didn’t love me back. I spent half my life feeling like I will never be loved because he didn’t love me back—because it didn’t end happily ever after or even happily in the first place. Because I longed to kiss and never even got to touch his skin. Because now after some time and space I don’t even remember his name...

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