Author: Nina Rubin

The Recipe for Love.

  By Nina Rubin   Don’t you wish there was a recipe for love? Everyone would be making this cake day and night, if this truly worked. And, if there was a cookbook on staying together, that would fly off the shelves like hotcakes! Instead, we have the raw ingredients, and desperately want to find a store-bought mix to combine and produce this delicious concoction. I spoke to a bunch of people about their top ingredients for love and my findings were not surprising. My close friend used the words zing factor,* but others said spark, passion, connection, chemistry. In...

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Ask Nina: How Do I Show Her How Much She Means to Me?

  By Nina Rubin   Hi Nina, I have a dear friend who means the world to me. She has seen me through thick and thin, through good times and bad. She always has great advice and never acts like I’m a burden. We’re both busy people and sometimes it’s hard to get together, even though we live pretty close to one another. How do I show her how important she is to me? What a great role model she is? How positively she has impacted my life? I feel like words aren’t enough. Thanks, Emily   Dear Emily,...

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Ask Nina: I Quit My Job Because of My Abusive Boss, Now What? {Part 2}

  By Nina Rubin   *see first question here Dear Nina, I just quit my job. Just quit. It was an abusive environment, and I know it was the best thing for me in the short term, but I am worried about how this is going to effect me long-term. Even though I quit, I’m still stressed beyond measure. I feel like I’m always on edge, and I’m blaming myself for everything. I feel like a failure. I feel like I have to start from scratch, proving myself to everyone. I feel like I’ll never be able to work...

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Ask Nina: My Boss is Insecure & Abusive, What Should I Do?

  By Nina Rubin   Hi Nina, I’m working in a hostile work environment. My boss doesn’t trust me to do my job, but I know I’m doing good work. I believe that my boss’ insecurity with his own performance is bleeding into his evaluation of my work. I’ve tried not taking it personally, detaching, turning it back on him, being calm/reasonable, defending my performance, engaging, not engaging, etc. I think his treatment has crossed the line into abuse. What do I do? Sincerely, Lobster   Hi Lobster, This work environment sounds awful, pure and simple. Without knowing about...

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Just Say “No” to the Fruitcake & Make Room for What Sustains You.

  By Nina Rubin I didn’t know things would change as rapidly as they did between Thanksgiving and now, Christmastime. People often feel stress, pressure, and loneliness during this time of year. “The Holidays” are a frosty mirror for some people, reflecting inadequacy and fallacy. For others (and I hope you’re in this category), this time is jovial and full of connection to friends and family who are getting together to create memories, share meals, and take an end-of-the-year break. Typically, I fall somewhere in between. This year, however, after countless discussions, I’m unfortunately in the former category. I’m...

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