Author: Marcee Murray King

The Cup of Tea That Changed Everything

  By Marcee Murray King   There is a magic found in threes. I always come to attention a bit more when things happen in threes, noticing the significance of the moment, waiting to find out what follows, or—as I did this time—stepping into it as if it is an invitation to something new. This is how I had my life-changing cup of tea. I was visiting my son in Ashville, North Carolina. We met each other downtown for lunch, and while walking to a restaurant he pointed to Dobra Tea and said, “Mom, you should go there.” I...

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Steeped in Spirituality: My Journey to India {Part 3}

  By Marcee Murray King “When you get to the bus station, and the station is behind you, cross the green bridge on your left,” were the instructions given to me from my Alapatt Homestay. Green-ish would have been a better way to describe it. In fact, some spots where the green still clings would have been more accurate, still. Either way, I didn’t see a bridge and it took me a bit to find someone who spoke English well enough to point me in the right direction. It was where he said, but I needed to walk just...

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The Little Lie That Kept Going All Day: My Journey to India {Part II}

  By Marcee Murray King   It started with the girl trying to sell me wooden stamps. She was with a woman down in the park near the seaside, where vendors are set up everywhere selling things. The question is always, “Where are you from?” I always hesitate, assuming the price will go up if I tell them the truth. And, to be honest, I was feeling a little nervous saying I was from America thanks to Trump and his newly-appointed posse. But I do know the rule: haggling is the norm in India—and I don’t know how to...

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Living My Dharma in Liminal Space: My Journey to India {Part1}

  By Marcee Murray King I feel like I am in a holding pattern, circling around, waiting for what is next. I’m at the threshold of what was and what is to be—an unknown space. I’ve been occupying this space for the last few weeks, waiting and preparing for my journey to India. The waiting is familiar, as I have been waiting my whole life for…THIS. This moment in time. A week or so before I left, I told my friend Joy that I felt I was occupying both realms, with part of me in Wisconsin and part of me...

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The Faces of Meditation: Marcee Murray King

  By Marcee Murray King   I call this my “sit spot.” When I moved here almost 20 years ago, I placed the triangle rock I had carried in my move to Wisconsin here to sit upon. This nook at the base of the cottonwood in the tree line by my house was perfect for it. This spot grew. Fallen branches became gentle walls around the perimeter. Crystals mark the four quarters. Bloodroot, trillium, blue cohosh, dandelion. A few short steps from my home, and I am surrounded by nature. Here, I practice my quiet listening, cradled by my...

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