Author: Melody Lima

The Way of Tenderness—Awakening Through Race, Sexuality & Gender. {Book Review}

  By Melody Lima   If I were to ask, “Describe your expression of tenderness?” I may get a romantic response, a mothering description of caring for a child or care giver’s skill set in the wake of a tragedy. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, explores the discourse of tenderness in her book, The Way of Tenderness – Awakening Through Race, Sexuality and Gender. Looking through this lens, Ms. Manuel who is a Soto Zen priest, teacher, author and has earned her Ph.D., asks the question, “How does someone who has experienced deep hatred, from within as well as without, become….a...

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Grounded in Native American Roots.

  By Melody Lima   It was during my first teacher training when I was first introduced to the science of Ayurveda. It all made sense to me; living your life based on your dosha, or biological energy found throughout the body and mind, providing every an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment, the elements and what we harvest from the Mother Earth. For me, it was simple, easy and surprisingly, brought me right back to my roots to a small town called Mattapoisett—a village settled on Buzzard’s Bay in southeast Massachusetts, just a quick ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard...

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Aparigraha: To Receive with Gratitude.

  By Melody Lima   It is a quiet, peaceful, reflective time. For me, it is my favorite time of year: the sweet spot between Halloween and the December holiday frenzy. It is gratitude time. When we look at Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Yama—Aparigraha—is the non-attachment or freedom from obligation, to receive with gratitude. Before we start making lists of gifts, things we want, stuff we want to get, practicing gratitude gives us a different perspective. It is simple, answer the question: What are you grateful for today? You can write in a journal, doodle on poster board, scribble on scrap...

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When Your Yoga Student has Cancer.

  By Melody Lima   In the past couple years, I’ve had several students in my yoga classes who are battling cancer. Some were in the midst of chemotherapy, some were recently diagnosed and some were thriving. My many years of teaching prenatal, restorative and basic beginner classes, has given me many resources to structure a healing class for these students. Offering gentle restorative poses, accessible meditation practices and the simplest of pranayama. I break down yoga to its fundamentals. It is a nice, gentle, healing class for my students. And then a friend of mine was diagnosed with...

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Navaratri: Celebrating the Mother Goddess.

  By Melody Lima   In the Hindu religion, Navaratri is a nine night celebration of the Mother Goddess, Durga. She represents ferociousness, peace, demons and compassion, according to Hindu belief. Durga famously destroyed the demon Mahishasura after a battle that lasted nine nights, symbolizing good over evil inspiring this grand festival. For 10 days and nine nights, in places like India, there will be prayers, chants, fasting and celebrating with traditional dance and music. It is also a time of planting seeds and asking for blessings of abundance from Durga. It is a time of introspection and purification. Representing purity...

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