Author: Michelleanne Bradley

When #MeToo Hits a Sangha: The End of an Era

  By Michelleanne Bradley I am a mostly trusting person. I believe that people are not perfect, and that we are doing the best that we can with what we have at the moment. On this site right here, there were articles written on each step of the Eightfold Path, and what that practice looks like. For me, the hardest part about following the path is the grief and anger around betrayal. It is like there is this liquid that runs hotter than the surface of the sun that is in the inner core of my body, and when...

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Diving into Practice (As if My Life Depended on It)

  By Michelleanne Bradley I must confess. I’ve been practicing since the Solstice as if my life depends on it. That has looked far more like solitary practice than even I sometimes prefer, which is funny because in most practices, I am the queen of solitary practice. I have been practicing as if my head is on fire. I have been working on this heaviness in my heart, even as it feels as if more is piled on and piled on, until even my closest friends and I have laughed that I have been praying for patience and the...

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Feeling the Chaos of the Me Too Phenomenon

  By Michelleanne Bradley There is something about watching women step forward to confront their abusers, the ones who have haunted them in the dark, some for years. Abuse and harassment is not a new phenomenon. I am not going to recite the history and statistics on all of the ways that we have been doing this to each other throughout the millennia, we all know the stories and do not need to rehash the nuances. (Should you decide that you do want to be more involved, please find a way for listening practice with someone in your life...

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Practicing Equanimity While Traveling

  By Michelleanne Bradley Travel is not always synonymous with equanimity practice for me. I most recently received a Statement of Work on Monday morning around 8 am, and needed to be across the country by the next afternoon. I am working a lot for the first time in months. I started my own company last year, and I was super slow in getting it moving, but then I lost the part time gig that I had. It was not a good fit, but there was something easy and comfortable about it, the pay was steady, and I was working...

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Celebrating Samhain as a Buddhist Pagan

  By Michelleanne Bradley Samhain. This year. Fall has always been my favorite season. The colors brighten and intensify, leaves drop to the ground, the days grow shorter and nights grow longer. The rhythm of the earth seems to drift to where the natural turn is to drop the frenetic pace and settle into rest, reflection—the turn inward. I love the dark. I live in Southern California, and Fall comes in the form of burning hot temperatures and winds sometimes accompanied by fires that scorch our landscape before the Autumn rains begin. So different in my youth when Halloween often...

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