Author: Louis De Lauro

How to be the Perfect Husband {A Teacher Story}

By Louis De Lauro 21 years ago, the teachers at school held a wedding shower for me and somebody baked a delicious chocolate cake. A plastic ball and chain was attached to my ankle and I got 30 index cards with suggestions or maybe they were specific directions on how to be the perfect husband. Make her breakfast. Bake her cookies. Get her a puppy. Bring her flowers. Give her awesome neck massages. Learn to play guitar and serenade her with love songs. Remember she is always in charge. I can’t remember the other 22, but these eight stuck...

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My Beautiful Teacher

  By Louis De Lauro I was never officially her student, but Megan was my teacher. She was a tiny, blonde-haired little girl, with pretty eyes and pale skin. I wasn’t surprised at all about her passing. She died young; it was just a few days before the start of a brand new school year. I remember being in Harvey Cedars at the Jersey Shore with my big Italian family. We were staying in a grand beach house steps away from the ocean. I remember the sunny skies, mini-golf, and laughter at seafood dinners. I remember a phone call...

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Inspiration While Stuck in New Jersey Traffic

By Louis De Lauro I hate driving to school in the morning. I love teaching school, but the traffic in New Jersey makes my 35-60 minute commute difficult. One day I will drive 37 minutes, the next day 57 minutes. Every morning is a challenge—most mornings are a headache. Driving to school has always brought me great stress. The first 10 years of commuting, nothing relieved my stress; not music or talk radio or even books on CD. The second 10 years of commuting became easier. Why? Because I saw the man on the bike. I’m not sure how many...

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An Ordinary Man, a Broken Key & a Snowstorm: A Zen Christmas Story

  By Louis De Lauro So an ordinary man was teaching a juggling class at a community center in central New Jersey. It was a few days before Christmas. Most of his students were Jewish and Chinese-American. When the kind man said goodnight to his class he wished everyone, “Merry Holidays!” It was snowing pretty hard that night at 7:30 pm and the man couldn’t wait to get home. He walked to his car—wait, make that his wife’s car that he borrowed for the day—and the tired man (a talented juggler) clumsily dropped the key on the cement. The...

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Growth Means Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

  By Louis De Lauro I remember visiting Russia. It felt like another universe. I remember wearing really short gym shorts provided by my middle school in the 1980’s. The shorts made me feel nearly naked and embarrassed. I remember traveling to China and walking the streets alone looking for the best dumplings; an old man told me he was impressed by the grandness of my nose. Yes, I have a big nose. I remember when I was a kid and my friends and I tried every sport we could. We even raced our bikes around the school track....

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