Author: Lisa Meade

I Am Stronger Than I Realized

  By Lisa Meade   I think it is fair to say that I am exhausted. You know, down to the bone, cannot lift your head off the pillow when the alarm goes off, sling your body through the day, look at the clock at noon and think to yourself, “Really, still another half of the day left?” kind of exhausted. I won’t bore you with the details, there are too many to mention and too depleting to review—but I am exhausted! The past six months have nearly broken me. I have found that within my exhaustion it is challenging to...

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The Beauty that is Found in Slowing Down.

  By Lisa Meade   Life passes quickly. This is a fact we learn as we move throughout our life. The days of childhood are long gone as well as the feelings of a day lasting a lifetime. Now, I find that the week no sooner begins and I am looking at Friday! It is not that I am over busy or over worked, but my life is full! There are many things I am passionately and delightfully involved in. I am not one to rush through things. I like to savor moments. I like to enjoy the energy....

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The Soul’s Role.

  By Lisa Meade We all play different roles throughout our lives. There are the givers and the takers, the movers and the shakers. Regardless of the role, the energy we bring to it, the way we approach it has so much to do with how engaged, receptive or present we are. We have the choice to be fully present or to be absent and resentful. We all hold times where we are doing for others and then those times are balanced with others doing for us; both are equally important—neither should be done begrudgingly. Bringing our pure authentic energies...

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A Call From the Wild.

  By Lisa Meade   Have you ever awoken and burrowed under your covers only to be summoned forth by the sweet melodies of the birds outside your window? Have you ever opened that window and felt the gentle stirrings of the breeze through your hair and were tickled with delight? Have you ever followed that breeze to the fragrance of the flowers within it out to the garden below? Oh, how our body and soul responds to the touch of nature. The innate wisdom of our being knows that there is tremendous healing to be found in the...

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The Love of Self.

  By Lisa Meade   For many, the criticism and comments that are said in their minds to themselves would never escape their lips and be spoken of someone else. The inner critic has a sharp tongue. It cuts one off at the knees, it draws blood, it keeps long hours and it is the ultimate opportunist. If someone spoke to us the way some of us speak to ourselves, we would leave the relationship. And yet, the inner dialogue continues. It does not like to let up and always knows the best time to strike, or perhaps that is the worst...

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