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Lisa Meade is a visionary and ritualist. She brings her skills and insight to her shamanic and spiritual offerings. Having received her PhD in Natural Health along with her shamanic training and her practice as a devout Vegan, Lisa brings a very holistic perspective to her community and practice. She is an avid writer and her Spirit Blog is enjoyed and shared by many. Her inspiration comes form her relationships with nature, with Source and her soul mentoring with her clients across the globe. She also is a Body Image Coach and has helped many women find a healthy relationship with their bodies. She welcomes you to visit her on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. To learn more about what Lisa is up to visit her website, WomenWithInsight.

April 2017

March 2017

Allowing the Tears to Flow

By | 2017-03-13T08:06:22+00:00 March 13th, 2017|blog, Empower Me, Featured, Wellness|

We shed tears when we hear some news that brings relief. We cry when we relate to someone on a very deep level. These tears are equally as important. Our human-ness is not meant to be stifled or buried, but honored, supported and celebrated. By Lisa Meade   Have you ever heard someone [...]

February 2017

January 2017

And Let it Begin with Me

By | 2017-01-18T21:12:49+00:00 January 18th, 2017|blog, Empower Me, Featured|

Conflict within creates conflict around us. If we can find a way to love our selves and our lives, this love then shines throughout our relationships and our world.   By Lisa Meade There seems to be great turmoil on our globe---few would deny this. To find peace takes a good deal of [...]

I Am Stronger Than I Realized

By | 2017-01-10T20:43:49+00:00 January 10th, 2017|blog, Empower Me, Featured|

I remind myself, that this will pass, that this is not forever and that I will look back on these months and review the lessons and embrace the gifts.   By Lisa Meade   I think it is fair to say that I am exhausted. You know, down to the bone, cannot lift [...]

August 2016

June 2016

The Soul’s Role.

By | 2016-10-14T07:48:06+00:00 June 2nd, 2016|blog, Featured, Relationships|

  By Lisa Meade We all play different roles throughout our lives. There are the givers and the takers, the movers and the shakers. Regardless of the role, the energy we bring to it, the way we approach it has so much to do with how engaged, receptive or present we are. We have the choice [...]

May 2016

A Call From the Wild.

By | 2016-10-14T07:48:10+00:00 May 19th, 2016|blog, Empower Me, Environment, Featured|

  By Lisa Meade   Have you ever awoken and burrowed under your covers only to be summoned forth by the sweet melodies of the birds outside your window? Have you ever opened that window and felt the gentle stirrings of the breeze through your hair and were tickled with delight? Have you ever followed [...]

The Love of Self.

By | 2016-10-14T07:48:15+00:00 May 7th, 2016|blog, Empower Me, Featured|

  By Lisa Meade   For many, the criticism and comments that are said in their minds to themselves would never escape their lips and be spoken of someone else. The inner critic has a sharp tongue. It cuts one off at the knees, it draws blood, it keeps long hours and it is the [...]