Author: Lisa Meade

Choose Your Own Adventure…For Real

  By Lisa Meade   Each of us is as unique as our personal story. No two stories are the same. And even in our personal story, depending upon the perspective, there can be major differences. It is within these perspectives that our power awaits us. Every relationship—every experience—helps our story take shape and form. Depending on the perspective that we hold about these relationships and experiences we can have a personal story that is fuel for negative thinking and patterns of poor choices or our personal story that can be filled with powerful thoughts and a life filled...

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Allowing the Tears to Flow

By Lisa Meade   Have you ever heard someone sharing a story about some event in their life that is quite sad or overwhelming—something that has brought them to their knees and broken them apart and at some point in the sharing they proudly state, And I have not shed a tear? It is as though they want a badge of honor. It seems like they may feel it somehow measures their strength or resiliency, as though crying would somehow make them appear weak, beaten and vulnerable. I know that there is a wonderful release when I allow my...

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How Do You Set the Tone For the Day?

  By Lisa Meade I have a routine to my morning. It is actually the only part of my day that you will find a routine, the rest of the day I go with the flow. I shift and pivot. I do not hold firm because I want to be open to the possibilities brought my way. But, it is the routine of my morning that sets the tone for my day. When I wake up each morning I am faced with choices. Actually, these choices began the night before, making sure that I retired early enough to get up...

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What Happened When I Softened the Edges & Let Go of Control

  By Lisa Meade I thrive when things in my life are softer. I need room to stretch. I need to not have too many hard edges around me, but instead some fluidity and elbow room. It is not always easy to find this softness. Some people need more structure and rigidity. But I thrive in the flow of this energy, not its confines. I long ago learned that I am not in control of very much in life. That false pretense left some scars on my timeline of life and I quickly learned that I was much healthier—body,...

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And Let it Begin with Me

  By Lisa Meade There seems to be great turmoil on our globe—few would deny this. To find peace takes a good deal of searching. And most certainly, to find true peace, we must begin with ourselves. What does finding peace within oneselves look like? Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask yourself this: Do I like myself? Really like myself? How do I show that I do like myself? What are my inner conflicts? How are my relationships with others? So many of the answers that lie within us express the peace we bring to the...

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