Author: Kelly Battese

Teamwork, Buddhism style.

  By Kelly Battese The Buddha once said, “A jug fills drop by drop.” One drop alone cannot fill a jug, because it takes many, so teamwork is essential. In our modern Western world we tend to want to get as much done as quickly as possible. And we tend to value doing things with as little help as possible so we can take all the credit. Ive noticed that with my generation and older, we were taught self reliance from an early age—the idea that relying on others is bad. This takes away from our ability to ask for help and work together. So as we grow and mature and when we start out in the corporate world  we are forced to do team...

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Just for Today: Applying the 5 Principles of Reiki.

  By Kelly Battese As a practicing and teaching Reiki Master there are basic fundamentals I teach my students. The most common are the Five Reiki Principles made by Dr. Usui. These should be understood and applied when servicing others or for application in our day to day lives. For those of you who are not familiar with Reiki, it is a form of healing energy work originating  from Japan by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Dr. Hayashi’s first student, in 1937. She taught it in North America until her passing in 1980. She was very strict about teaching Reiki, just...

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Walking the Path.

    By Kelly Battese We must walk our own path. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one many. We ourselves walk the path.” ~ The Buddha But what does that mean? Walk the path. What path are we on? These are two major questions man asks himself regardless of his faith or religion. What is the Buddha asking us, what path is he talking about or are we even walking, or how does one find this path or even know when they have found it and are on it? So many questions from one...

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The Illusion of Control.

  By Kelly Battese   The idea that we can control our lives can be quite a powerful one that we manifest in our daily life. We tend to try to control as many things in our life that we can. Everything from the temperature in our homes to our partner in our relationships, to our finances; yet when we fail at controlling these things, anger and frustration ensues. In my career there is no control other than I know I am going to work and that there will be patients; that is it. I have learned to flow with this,...

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5 Lessons to Teach Your Daughter, From a Buddhist Mother.

    By Kelly Battese As a mother of a daughter, I get to relive certain aspects of my childhood as I am riding the roller coaster of emotions with my daughter, now like my mother had done with me. I see a lot of myself in her—a lot of things I had to endure and lessons that broke me at the time they were being taught. It has made me think of the top five lessons I want to pass on to her. She knows her mother is a Buddhist, we have some great talks about Buddha and what...

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