Author: Gerry Ellen

Poetry as a Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman. {Book Review}

By Gerry Ellen   This is the third collection of poems in a trilogy of Catherine Ghosh’s poetry novels, and hands down my favorite and most cherished one. Maybe it’s my love of the waning and waxing moon cycles, maybe it’s the genuine vulnerabilities of each woman in the pages of this book, or maybe their voices have escalated in such a way as to shine so brilliantly in their crafted words and poems. In awe of their stories and how each inspiring woman sang their own authentic tune throughout, this final book in the series is saturated with...

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Our Planet of Discernment & Abundance.

  By Gerry Ellen In all fairness to the land we live in and the land we call home, we have a simple job to do: show up. We have to show up every moment of every hour of every day, of every month, of every year. It is a concept that has been through the mill, without exception, in greater levels of this world. Yet, things tend to get fuzzy and complicated when the pressures of human existence and voices tremble in our minds and hearts. No matter the age or the race, if we stare at ourselves...

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Peace At All Costs.

  By Gerry Ellen   I sit here with a heart exploding with love. I sit here wondering how to put into words what I feel when I remain quiet and full of breath. I sit here in solitude, the birds singing, the sun rising, the teapot warming up and the air so fresh and open. I sit here and realize that none of this has anything to do with me. Peace is not about me. Peace is within me. Peace is a practice. Peace is the haven by which we crave every second of each day. Peace thrives...

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Wellness Through the Soles of Our Feet.

  By Gerry Ellen   However we define “wellness” in this day and age is a reflection of how adaptable we are to the changing tides of life. It’s a broad term, no doubt, yet one that always has me starting with where I’ve planted my feet, and their basic health in general. The soles of our feet are the most vulnerable part of our bodies; they stand on the earth first. Once ingrained in the soil, each metatarsal has the capacity to shift and morph into what will become our ultimate journey. As the eyes are the window...

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Democracy & the Age of Arrogance.

  By Gerry Ellen   I rarely jump into the political sphere on a public forum, however I have a message to the Universe that I feel must be sent. Just like any human involved in living and loving, I have an opinion about certain issues and things that transcend the heart and mind in jest, and needs to get out there for my own personal sake of morality from time to time. So here goes: Dear Universe, For the continued progression of goodness on this fine earth and the trials and tribulations of humanity to keep resolving and...

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