Author: Gerald "Strib" Stribling

Boot Camp Happiness Training for the Mind (Because You Can Train for Happy)

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   Buddhist happiness isn’t like getting-laid happy, or first-drivers-license happy, or even my-wife-just-had-twins happy. I hate to keep harping about my short, uneventful two years in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, but the parallels between Buddhist and Marine Corps philosophies are striking. I’ve joked before about the two most formative times in my life, which happened in all-male environments where everybody wore the same outfits. Buddhist happy is kind of like being, or having been, a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. No one gets to wear the EGA but us....

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong: Buddhism & Right Thinking

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   My first car was a 1964 Chevrolet Impala. It was a dandy. I loaned it to my fiancee in the summer of 1972 (she wrecked it), but until then it was parked outside my barracks and used only for road trips and occasional runs into the movie theater in town when they had “skin-flick Fridays” at midnight. Once, I had a contingent of three other Marines in the Chevy, headed from our duty station for a five-day liberty to Louisville and southern Indiana, to see our families and girlfriends. It was after one...

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The Faces of Meditation: Gerald Stribling

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   When I took my first formal training in meditation, I was 24 years old. Transcendental Meditation was pretty much the only thing available in 1975. I was very enamored of learning how to defeat ruminant thoughts of utter worthlessness, even though I’d been a Marine just a few years before, and was attending graduate school on a full ride. I felt that I was unworthy of living, and those thoughts reminded me every minute of every day of my life. I owed the universe big time for just being allowed to breathe. I...

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Want to Ease Others’ Suffering? Use Laughter.

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling I don’t like puns very much. Puns are the lowest form of humor, next to slipping on a banana peel. They’re never very funny. People don’t laugh at them so much as they roll their eyes and groan. Puns should be banned from the pages of The Tattooed Buddha. My appreciation of puns ends with em-bare-ass-ment, which actually was a pun written by the great author Robert Penn Warren in his classic novel All the King’s Men. So you can’t blame it on me. Even a pun made up by a great author is...

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Sriracha, Spicy Food & Gummy Bears: Mindful Eating as a Practice

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling Having spent numerous months in the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, I consider myself an expert on spicy foods. When I lived there I used to wait and take my shower after breakfast (cold shower!) because breakfast  itself would inspire profuse sweating. I use sriracha sauce like it is ketchup, but main courses in Sri Lanka generally would insult (assault) the palates of the majority of Americans who aren’t as accustomed to that. Whenever I was invited to someone’s house for dinner, the whole family would hover around the table as I tasted grandma’s lotus-stem...

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