Author: Gerald "Strib" Stribling

Thought is Cheap.

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   *This is the third installment of Gerry Stribling’s “Freedom from Fear” series, exclusively for The Tattooed Buddha Even the most profound thinkers go nuts if they can’t get their minds off things. It’s why President Herbert Hoover used to go fly-fishing in a suit and tie. As you teach yourself that the majority of your thoughts are ephemeral brain farts that can be dismissed as annoyances rather than acting emotionally on them (recall “beating yourself up” in the last section), you have begun the process of objectifying and observing your thoughts. It’s the...

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Quit Trying Not to Think So Much.

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling *This is the second installment of Gerry Stribling’s “Freedom from Fear” series, exclusively for The Tattooed Buddha “They” say that coloring in an adult coloring book is as good for you as meditation. They are right. I color myself. I’m into intricate mandalas and florals. I have an erotic coloring book too, but it’s kind of a bust. I just went through it and colored everyone’s naughty bits. Beginning meditators are plagued with random thoughts. Coloring books demand your attention. Get one, and then spend an hour carefully coloring some intricate random pattern. That’s...

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The Courage to be Buddhist.

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   A guy told me the other day that the book I recently published, Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead’s Field Guide to Mindfulness, stood in contrast to many other books about Buddhism “that are written for skinny white wimps like me.” My feelings were hurt. The only thing keeping me from being a skinny white wimp is that I’m a fat guy. And actually, I’m not entirely white. My wife thinks that I’m a goon and nothing can hurt my feelings. When you think about it, Buddhism could be seen as only an excuse...

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Buddhism isn’t for Wimps.

  By Gerald Stribling   I found a cartoon on the Internet a few months ago. It’s a rendering of the Incredible Hulk, in a meditation posture, repeating his mantra in his head: “Hulk no smash… Hulk no smash… Hulk smash just a little…” Once as a favor to a famous ballerina, I sat on the board of a local interfaith peace organization, basically as a token Buddhist. I added very little to the overall effort, but as I scanned the conference table and the faces of my peace-loving Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Baha’i brethren and sisteren, I...

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The Confession of a Buddhist Gunslinger.

  By Gerry Stribling Like the Samurai of ancient Japan, to whom archery was an expression of their credo and their beliefs, the shooting of firearms embodies elements of Buddhism, and the mental discipline practitioners strive to develop through their meditation practice. Owning and shooting rifles may seem antithetical to identifying myself as a Buddhist. To those who recoil in horror at the thought of a Buddhist eating a bacon cheeseburger, drinking a beer, or shooting a gun, I can only say: the Buddha ate meat; the Fifth Precept is all about avoiding addiction; and that anything demanding total...

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