Author: Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan

Love All, Exclude None: Non-Violence in the Wake of 9/11

By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan When September 11th became a distinct day in history by the loss of life and the days forward with our response, I remember waking up in Chicago getting ready to go downtown. I was freshly married, recently graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago. On that early fall morning, I was brushing my teeth getting ready for the train ride downtown when my friend, Mitzi, called. She told me in an urgent hushed tone, “Turn on your television.” I did, and my eyes, my brain, couldn’t quite comprehend the images on the screen. I sat down...

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You Are the Everything. {Poetry}

  By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan You are the sun and the moon and the rain and the sweet mist of dew rising off the morning grass. You are the melting mountain snow seeping into streams and coursing over rocks. You are the leaves and the trees and the limbs connected to the trunk rooted into the brown earth’s dirt rising up to the sky… You are the whispers of tomorrow and the beating of today and the story of yesteryear. You are all that was and will ever-be and the generous echoes of yes in a canyon’s sweet walls....

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Considering Affliction & Addiction, Unless, Unless We Remember.

By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan After reading this post about possible origins of addiction, I got to contemplating. If addiction is not approached solely as a disease—but as the author, Johann Hari, suggests a lack of connection to community—could its origins possibly be linked to our thought patterns? I write this with a compassionate, inquisitive heart: no judgment, but a desire to better untangle how we can fall into isolation and its many side affects. I have been touched by family members and friends who struggle with addiction, have seen the isolation they find themselves in, and I know intimately the...

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