Author: Daniel Scharpenburg

What’s a Bodhisattva Monk?

  By Daniel Scharpenburg Recently I made a formal and official commitment to follow the Bodhisattva Precepts. I am a Bodhisattva Monk. My ordained name is Shi Zhao Dao, which means Venerable Shining Path. Not everyone who takes Bodhisattva Vows is a Bodhisattva Monk. It’s a special commitment beyond the Vows. The original Buddhist monks followed a set of vows called the Vinaya. Those monks are called Bhikkus and they have what we think of as traditional monastic vows; they must be celibate, they can’t accumulate wealth, etc. They essentially are separate from the world—set apart so they can...

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What is Far Out Zen?

By Daniel Scharpenburg Welcome to Far Out Zen. I gave that name to my teachings a little while ago and I’ve decided to keep it. It comes from the teachings of Ikkyu Sojun, who is one of my heroes. Far Out Zen almost isn’t Buddhism at all. I call myself a Buddhist but I’m not sure that’s even accurate. I am a spiritual mystic who follows the path that the Buddha laid out as passed through the Zen patriarchs down through the ages. Far Out Zen is iconoclastic. Buddhism could be said to be a history of renegades who were...

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