Author: Daniel Scharpenburg

Don’t Call Me Master.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   My wife and I were out at a restaurant enjoying a meal. At the end, when we paid the check, our waiter asked if I was interested in Buddhism. He had noticed the mala around my wrist and the Bodhisattva tattoo on my forearm. He had probably been thinking about asking during the entire meal, but chose to wait until we were finished. I said, “Yes. I’m a Buddhist.” “I love Buddhism and Hinduism,” the waiter answered and he showed me a copy of the Upanishads that he carries with him all the time....

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China Makes Official Statement Regarding Dalai Lama Reincarnation.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg    I wish I could say I met the Dalai Lama. Although I’ve met a lot of Buddhist teachers over the years, I didn’t meet the Dalai Lama, but I went to see him. He gave teachings at the University of Arkansas in the spring of 2011. At just over 200 miles away, it was the closest he has ever come to my home— Kansas City. So I took a little roadtrip to a college town I had never been to. I can’t say I met him though. I, along with a thousand other people,...

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What the Tattooed Buddha Means to Me.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   “With our love we can save the world.” ~ George Harrison   People have been asking, “Why is it called The Tattooed Buddha?” This isn’t my creation, but I thought I might just give an answer anyway and say what the name means to me. I hope that’s not too bold. I believe we are enlightened already. We all have oneness as our true nature. We are Buddhas. With that in mind, if we all have oneness as our nature…then our core is enlightenment and anything that isn’t our enlightened true nature is just...

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I Don’t Have a Six Pack: Male Body Image.

By Daniel Scharpenburg We know today that women struggle with body image issues—they struggle a lot. Unrealistic expectations are put on women from Barbie dolls to photo-shopped pictures in magazines. Women are expected to look a certain way and we all know this. This has been going on for a long time and we can all be glad that society can talk about it now. Society talks about it more and more every day. Did you know Barbie dolls have been updated to be more realistic? But I’m not writing about that. There are many places you can learn...

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Because Losing My Parents Broke Me.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg The loss of my parents will always be a part of who I am. I always had anxiety problems as a kid. I worried about things. I didn’t know how to make friends. I actually had a fear, even as a very young child, that girls would never like me. (And even as a very young child I liked girls a lot). There are a lot of kids with anxiety problems who outgrow them. Plenty of people are shy as children and become outgoing as adults. But that wasn’t what happened to me. When my...

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