Author: Daniel Scharpenburg

See Everything as a Dream {Lojong Training}

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   This is from the mind training teachings called Lojong. See Everything As A Dream This is the Lojong teaching that comes from the section on Bodhicitta, or the mind of awakening and compassion. Slogans 2-10 are considered part of this section, so we will be talking about Bodhicitta for awhile, and the next few slogans will have similar themes. Everything is coming and going all the time. That’s a simple fact of life. We can pretend we don’t know that, we can try to hide from it, but it’s true and it’s unavoidable. Emptiness...

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Resolving to Begin: The Preliminaries {The First Lojong Teaching}

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   This is the first part in a series on the mind training teachings called lojong. “Train in the Preliminaries.” The lojong teachings begin with this simple line. I read about meditation practice for a long time before I actually tried it. I think a lot of people do that. And then I was a practicing Buddhist for years before I went to a temple and met other Buddhists. Beginning is hard. And, actually, going to a Buddhist temple alone when you don’t know anyone there or what to expect can be really intimidating. I know...

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Lojong: Training the Heart and Mind

By Daniel Scharpenburg Almost two years ago I was given the title “Gegan” (teacher) and trained to teach lojong practice at the Rime Center. I spent a lot of time preparing, studying and learning. It was all very exciting, and I appreciate all opportunities to contribute to the flourishing of the Dharma in the ways that I can. Then I was asked not to teach it; they had suddenly decided to go another way. I don’t teach at the Rime Center now. I suppose there’s a lesson in there somewhere about impermanence and expectations. Maybe there’s a lesson about praise...

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Showing Kindness Even When You Don’t Agree (& Don’t Feel Like Being Kind)

  By Daniel Scharpenburg I want to talk about a thing that happens a lot in life. We see people and we don’t meet them with kindness, with an open heart. We sometimes reserve our Bodhisattva intention. But that’s not what we’re supposed to be doing, and we come up with all sorts of excuses for this. “She brought this upon herself.” “He is wrong about this issue that is important to me.” “She has this irritating trait.” “He just didn’t try as hard in life as me.” Or “That person is just too different from me. They aren’t part...

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The First Buddhist Teaching: The Four Noble Truths

  By Daniel Scharpenburg The Four Noble Truths are the beginning of Buddhism. They are the first thing the Buddha taught, and sometimes we have to go back to these fundamental teachings over and over. I’m going to go through them one by one here. The Truth of Suffering As long as we’re living in delusion, our lives are full of suffering. If we examine our suffering deeply, we can see that in usually comes in three forms. The are usually called: Pain, Change, and Being. Pain: Pain is an inevitable part of life—not just physical pain, but emotional pain...

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