Author: Dana Gornall

The Faces of Meditation: Dana Gornall

  By Dana Gornall I was looking for something more in my spiritual life. Catholicism wasn’t doing it for me, but I really didn’t know which direction to go. One day when I was driving to an appointment for my job I was stopped at a red light and looked to my left. There was a metaphysical store right there and for some reason I felt drawn to go inside. I ended up taking many different types of classes there, and meditation was one of them. After I started having children, classes or hobbies all took a back seat...

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An Ordinary Mortal: Trying to be Wonder Mom while Raising Teens

By Dana Gornall It’s no secret. Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a Wonder Woman fan. As a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, I would sit on my family’s brown, cracked vinyl couch in my nightgown, donning the blue plastic Wonder Woman bracelets with a red star sticker on each—the corner of one peeling back a little—and watch mesmerized as Lynda Carter flashed her smile, leapt to the top of buildings and every single time saved the day. Glancing down at my frail 7 year old body with freckles spotting my...

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The Day this Yogi Mom Lost Her Sh*t

  By Dana Gornall I am not the type of person to lose my temper. Ask anyone who knows me. I am fairly easy-going, somewhat free-spirited to the point of being a little flighty, and I rarely yell at or punish my kids unless they do something pretty major. I let things roll off my back. Most times when something bothers me, I breathe a little, remind myself how lucky I have it even when things aren’t going well, and I move on. But every once in awhile, I lose it. This day was one of those days. It...

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What Yoga Isn’t (& What it Is)

By Dana Gornall It was a typical Monday morning. I was running around taking care of the last minute things I need to be ready for work: some sort of food to eat, check; water bottle/coffee mug, check; book, check; key card for entry into work, check; phone, check. I pressed the home button and swiped, then opened up my Facebook app. Why? Good question—bad habit. That’s when I saw I had been tagged in a post. Can anyone tell me the difference between Tai Chi and Yoga. Underneath the post I saw my name in a comment suggesting I...

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The Problem with Magical Thinking

  By Dana Gornall As a kid, I was mildly effected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). My family jokes about this now at holidays when we are gathered around, telling funny stories about when my brothers and I were kids. Growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, there was no internet and OCD wasn’t talked about much. I was just kind of quirky. I can clearly remember the small rituals I performed all seemed necessary: tapping each finger on the kitchen counter (sometimes one finger repeatedly if it didn’t “feel” right) or grazing each side of the...

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