Author: Dana Gornall

The Balance of Practicing Hygge & Buddhism: Drops of Enlightenment in the Purple Rain

  By Dana Gornall I recently came across a term that seems to be trending in the U.S., hygge.  Hygge is a Danish word that is used to describe those delicate sensations we feel while watching the sun set, or when we sit down with an almost too warm, yet not-so-hot cup of coffee. It’s like getting a really good hug from someone special. It’s the moments that are comforting—those tiny flashes of time that seem to imprint themselves in our minds and hearts; they are the places we sometimes mentally come back to when reminiscing or when we...

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Vegan in the Middle

  By Dana Gornall Becoming vegan was pretty easy for me. I wouldn’t have thought so. If someone had asked me before I made that choice—a year earlier or perhaps five years earlier—I would have said I couldn’t do it. Growing up as picky eater whose main vegetables were corn or french fries, I was definitely resistant to new things. But as my lifestyle began to change with meditation and yoga, and my perspective on health and life began to spin in another direction, suddenly the idea of becoming vegan became more and more appealing. And when I did it...

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The Faces of Meditation: Dana Gornall

  By Dana Gornall I was looking for something more in my spiritual life. Catholicism wasn’t doing it for me, but I really didn’t know which direction to go. One day when I was driving to an appointment for my job I was stopped at a red light and looked to my left. There was a metaphysical store right there and for some reason I felt drawn to go inside. I ended up taking many different types of classes there, and meditation was one of them. After I started having children, classes or hobbies all took a back seat...

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An Ordinary Mortal: Trying to be Wonder Mom while Raising Teens

By Dana Gornall It’s no secret. Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a Wonder Woman fan. As a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, I would sit on my family’s brown, cracked vinyl couch in my nightgown, donning the blue plastic Wonder Woman bracelets with a red star sticker on each—the corner of one peeling back a little—and watch mesmerized as Lynda Carter flashed her smile, leapt to the top of buildings and every single time saved the day. Glancing down at my frail 7 year old body with freckles spotting my...

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The Day this Yogi Mom Lost Her Sh*t

  By Dana Gornall I am not the type of person to lose my temper. Ask anyone who knows me. I am fairly easy-going, somewhat free-spirited to the point of being a little flighty, and I rarely yell at or punish my kids unless they do something pretty major. I let things roll off my back. Most times when something bothers me, I breathe a little, remind myself how lucky I have it even when things aren’t going well, and I move on. But every once in awhile, I lose it. This day was one of those days. It...

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