Author: Dana Gornall

I Have Many Books, Mala Bracelets and a Yoga Mat, but Does that Make Me More Spiritual?

  By Dana Gornall I have a love affair with office supplies. I’m not sure when it all began, really, but for quite a long time now I have felt my heart skip a beat every time I find myself in any store aisle containing Post-it notes, pens, file folders, color-coded tabs and oh, the day planners! I have had many day planners. Anyone would probably think I must be very organized to have such strong emotions regarding office supplies, but in fact, I seem to lean toward the more scattered, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of schedule. It’s not great. I...

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I’m Losing My Namaste So Maybe It’s Time to Kill the Buddha

  By Dana Gornall   Scaling the pale, gold-flecked linoleum covered steps to my basement, I walk partially on tiptoe. The floor is cold against my bare feet, and I tend to walk on tiptoe anyway—a habit I’ve retained from my ballet days, eons ago. I’m rushing, as I tend to often do on weekday mornings, and my clothes are in the dryer. I flip on the light switch, hoping to avoid a cobweb or whatever creepy crawly that may be lurking in the dark, damp basement. Pulling open the dryer door I fish through the clothes and pull...

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Looking for Dharma in the Weeds

  By Dana Gornall I’m not very skilled in growing things. I’ve been known to neglect houseplants, leaving them anorexic and straggly; bowing over dry soil, reaching to get a patch of sunlight as its leaves slowly curl and the tips turn brown. It’s not on purpose. I don’t mean to forget. I simply get busy—distracted. I’ve had two trees just die. I had hired someone a few years ago to plant them for me. He instructed me to water them daily and I did. The next spring they bloomed pretty pink flowers from each branch and I was...

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The Balance of Practicing Hygge & Buddhism: Drops of Enlightenment in the Purple Rain

  By Dana Gornall I recently came across a term that seems to be trending in the U.S., hygge.  Hygge is a Danish word that is used to describe those delicate sensations we feel while watching the sun set, or when we sit down with an almost too warm, yet not-so-hot cup of coffee. It’s like getting a really good hug from someone special. It’s the moments that are comforting—those tiny flashes of time that seem to imprint themselves in our minds and hearts; they are the places we sometimes mentally come back to when reminiscing or when we...

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Vegan in the Middle

  By Dana Gornall Becoming vegan was pretty easy for me. I wouldn’t have thought so. If someone had asked me before I made that choice—a year earlier or perhaps five years earlier—I would have said I couldn’t do it. Growing up as picky eater whose main vegetables were corn or french fries, I was definitely resistant to new things. But as my lifestyle began to change with meditation and yoga, and my perspective on health and life began to spin in another direction, suddenly the idea of becoming vegan became more and more appealing. And when I did it...

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