Author: Dana Gornall

Stress & the Single Mom.

  By Dana Gornall I remember hearing a story when I was in kindergarten, about how the spider got its waist. Since I have become an adult, I have searched and searched for this story over the internet and have not found it, but it is something that has stuck in my mind still today. A mama spider had a bunch of baby spiders. Being a new mama, she was concerned about keeping track of all her baby spiders, so she spun a web to each one in order to know where they were and to keep them out...

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Tiny Fragmented Pieces of Me.

  By Dana Gornall The me who is me is made up of so many fragmented pieces. Looking back, images and stories gel together in one big picture, like puzzles pieces, only the edges are not quite as round and perfect but more jagged in places and fluid in others. I see the paths I have taken, when faced with one way or the other and how each one has changed and shaped me. Some of these stories that have played out happened without much thinking on my part, but when we get down to it, there was always...

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Something to Believe In.

  By Dana Gornall “Sometimes I wish to God I didn’t know now The things I didn’t know then And give me something to believe in” ~ Poison I didn’t go to Catholic school, but was raised Catholic, so I went to catechism. For those that have a Catholic background, you may know that catechism is like Catholic school after school—so like Sunday school but on Monday evenings, or Wednesday evenings, or something like that. I was pretty impressed with Jesus. He held a kind of superhero status to me and Mary was pretty amazing too. She always seemed...

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Less Than Pretty.

  By Dana Gornall I came to dance out of necessity. At around age five, I would wake up fairly regularly in the middle of the night screaming in pain from leg cramps. My bewildered mother took me to the doctor (of course), who sent me to another doctor who recommended surgery to cut the muscles in my legs. They were tighter than they were supposed to be, and this seemed to be a quick and easy “fix.” Instead she followed another doctor’s suggestion and signed me up for dance. I quickly fell head over heels in love—the smell...

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Sewn Together.

  By Dana Gornall I have a patchwork quilt kind of family. While yes, I know most everyone does—families tend to contain varying degrees of personality types in them—but mine is quite literally a patchwork quilt. There is a part of me that is envious of the people who have accounts and can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower, early Japan or the Druids of England, but for me there are only stories and photo albums of those that have become my family through this hand crafted paper chain of people. It’s kind of tricky when my...

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