About Denele Campbell

Denele Campbell, Arkansas native, tracks her family’s roots in the state back to the early 1800s and credits this history for her love of homegrown tomatoes and hoot owls late at night. After college and a few years on the West Coast, Campbell and her then-husband settled on a tick-infested Ozark hilltop to raise three children amid organic gardening, milking goats, and preparing for the apocalypse. By 1980, Campbell had begun a career of piano tuning and repair. An inveterate activist, through the ‘80s and ‘90s she took a leadership role in the Arkansas chapter of the National Organization for Women, ran for school board and formed a parent-teacher group at her children’s school, joined with other concerned citizens to stop a trash-burning incinerator, and founded an environmental action/education committee. In 1999, she began efforts to bring legalized medical marijuana to Arkansas, an effort which continues today under different leadership. In 2005, she retired from her piano career with retirement in mind. Alas, her dream of opening a tea room had her by the throat, and so from late 2008 through December 2011, she made that dream a reality with Trailside Café and Tea Room in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Finally sanity prevailed. She has now blown up the road between her rural home and town in order to devote herself to writing. She is the author of Rex Perkins: A Biography. Follow her at her blog and on Facebook.

October 2015

The American Way: The Free Ride is Over.

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  By Denele Campbell We did this to ourselves. This is our legacy. Is it really any surprise that so much in our nation has devolved into violence? We set foot on American shores and through violence eradicated the bulk of the indigenous population. We justified our killing with belief in our superiority, our "divine right" [...]

September 2015

It’s Time to Stand Up to Extremist Politics.

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Bansky   By Denele Campbell For every new technology, archaeological discovery, or advancement in medical science, there is an equal and opposite reactionary impulse to dive deeper into the ignorance enshrined in fundamentalist religion. Evidence of this mind-jarring disconnect can be found on all fronts. In March, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott issued a [...]

July 2015

Men Who Kill Lions.

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  By Denele Campbell Once upon a time, men proved their bravery and strength by killing animals. Mammoth flesh was needed for food, dire wolves and cave bears threatened their families. Then we got tractors and supermarkets. It all happened so fast. Only a few thousand years separate us from the need to kill or [...]

June 2015

Religion & Sex Scandals: The Threat of Willful Ignorance.

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  By Denele Campbell   There’s an ignored bigger picture behind the by-now worn out topic of the Duggar family’s hidden sex abuse scandal. In case you missed it, the vaunted head of that household stated last week that when he found out about his son’s incestuous molestation of several sisters, he spoke about it [...]

The Prevalence of Sexual Abuse in Fundamentalist Patriarchal Environments.

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  By Denele Campbell In my last blog post, I wrote about Josh Duggar, Justin Harris, and Arkansas’ continuing stream of revealed perversion by rightwing religious and political leaders. I thought I said it all. I turned off the light and went to bed. Then came responses in defense of Josh Duggar. Oh, he was [...]

A State of Perversion: Skeletons in the Evangelical Closet.

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  By Denele Campbell   Based on recent news emerging from Arkansas, a casual observer might assume that a child molester lurks around every corner right along with married cousins and toothless hillbillies. I’m sorry that my beloved native state suffers such disrepute, but the fact is, there’s truth in it. In March, a story [...]