Author: Debbie Lynn

Your Story is Where You Meet Your Self.

  By Debbie Lynn The content of our life, the blood we’ve shed, and the tears of joy or sadness—this is our story. It is who we have been, who we will be, and who we are right now. Tell it like it is or let it go. Our self-story is the moment-by-moment way of being honest with ourselves—taking a few chances, but not making our stuff overly dramatic and hopelessly romantic. It’s about learning to keep it real for the sake of our soul. And over the years our story morphs (or might even disappear) but the one thing...

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Detaching from the Attachment to Love.

  By Debbie Lynn Loving detachment doesn’t mean we don’t care—quite the opposite; it means we care so much we give Love the freedom to be what it is. The Realization I used to think that people who were detached from life, love, and others were void of emotion, selfish and cowardly. I was so wrong. At a very young age I realized the few times that I have been completely attached—in what I thought was love, I had been deeply hurt. Yet through this pain I came to see how I had relied on someone or something for my...

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Struggling with the Knot.

  By Debbie Lynn   “Yoga is a dance between control and surrender– between pushing and letting go– and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being.” -Joel Kramer When I began my yoga practice I had no idea how it would be the parallel to my life as the road less traveled. It came to me, called me out on my shit (over and over again) and blended, rocked, then caressed my soul. In all my clashes of day-to-day life yoga was a natural...

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When Good Things Happen to Bad People, Wish Them Enlightenment.

By Debbie Lynn We run across this all the time. People with shitty attitudes and a blaring disrespect for anything or anyone that is moving ahead of us (“us”, the ones who strive for a bit of peace and betterment). We watch them as they go higher, make more money, trample on more people and we wonder: how is that possible? The reason can be a bitter pill. Desire supersedes all. The hardest thing about sorting this all out is the logic; it just doesn’t seem right… yet it is. But the way others operate will not always be...

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The Truth is That Everything is Transient, So Stop Holding On.

  By Debbie Lynn IMPERMANENCE noun  im·per·ma·nence (ˌ)im-ˈpərm-nən(t)s, -ˈpər-mə- Definition of impermanence :  the quality or state of being impermanent Simple Definition of impermanent : not lasting forever : not permanent   We all know impermanence is a part of our life yet it is neatly tucked away and filed under “later” so we don’t have to deal with it. We grapple with the whys and ponder our existence and we make up stories about what happens after we leave this place we call home. We search for some kind of tangible explanation for the things and people that disappear, yet the truth is so...

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