Author: Debbie Lynn

Compassion Lost & Found.

  By Debbie Lynn It slips and slides, comes and goes and weaves images of “should, could and would” all over my brain. I know intuitively what this means, so I fight all the human urges I have not to spew as I try to keep my opinions and judgment in check. And I find I lack—I lack the ability to be emphatic to the illogical hatred and blatant intolerances running rabid right now. I just can’t do it. So, I talk a lot about rising above the atrocities and loving people at an arms length. It works, it...

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Spiritual Anger Rising.

  By Debbie Lynn We all face irritations (the irrational, the ignorant) and with those irritations come the immense urge to unload our anger. In today’s climate there are many views on what to do with this emotion. We are told to put in our pocket—or told to release it—but then told later where and how high we should shove it. And while releasing a barrage of expletives can be somewhat satisfying, it also pulls us into the underbelly of a world that survives on the dramatic side; yet holding back can be detrimental to our health (physically and...

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Is it True, Kind or Pertinent? Anything Else is Up for Interpretation.

  By Debbie Lynn There are hundreds of thousands of millions of us in contemplation about life and its purpose. But in the end, what does it really matter? The Universe (as far as I know) could care less. Looking deeply at where we come from, our inner issues and trauma can bring about clarity for the moment, yet nothing is ever really set in stone. The theories, the reasons and the postulations are all just opinions. And while science has provided us with basic justifications the deeper, higher and more ethereal questions still remain a mystery. Some pursue...

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The Courage to Trust (& a Little Pixie Dust).

  By Debbie Lynn   “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie It is said that trust is earned. But I believe trust is instinctual—jasmine—and is twisted into an emotional life that we react to. We create (in our minds eye) what trust looks like in the people, places and the things we know and love, and that “trust” is a truth that needs a home base in our heart; it just does. A place to have all things “trustable” measured. But we are human and we all hold expectations that all...

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It is Love?

  By Debbie Lynn Oh that feeling—that lusty, wild, bat-shit crazy feeling. Is it love…or not? With all its veracity, emotional love envelopes our being (mind/body and soul). It is a rush of newness, excitement and confusion but how do we discern if it is true, real and lasting, especially if we are not completely clear about our past and what we may have left behind. It is hard to say but often, it goes like this: The Signs We drop all our sensibility, our dignity and virtual reality when we are in this state of bliss. We run...

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