Author: Debbie Lynn

Using Shame as a Weapon.

  By Debbie Lynn The “Rights,” the “Lefts” and the ones who fall in-between are fighting. The words: shame on you, fills social media The tweets, posts and a lot of commentary aimed at the jugular to be vindicated after an attack on someone’s opinion is running rabid. The current climate is sticky. The air is heavy and laden with doubt, fear and anxiety. Sensationalism sells. *big sigh* One person will say, “I am so tired of being shamed,” as they rant and shame another for being shameful. The irony is almost laughable. Almost. But the soapbox, self-proclaimed victims or...

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The Pursuit of Passion (Without the Agenda)

  By Debbie Lynn   We have all heard the phrase, “If we find our passion; we will be happy.” But I think it is the other way around. I believe when we are happy; our passion for everything, everything explodes from within. I have struggled with passion for quite some time now. For me, the mere thought of devoting an enormous amount of energy to one particular person or thing hovers on the edge of insanity and attachment. Some call that nonsense, some call it lazy yet, through myriad experiences of wholehearted devotion to one thing or another, I...

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The Sound of My Silence (A Meditation).

By Debbie Lynn Some people like to chant, some sit quietly, but I meditate to a mind full of music. Music takes me places. It is an escape, a lullaby, and an inspiration that moves my soul. It can take me into a deep meditative state and drop me into another world eyes wide open. There are times when a single note is like lightening—an electric charge that can bring me to tears. Other times I fall into the hands of a melody and I am swept far away in a transcendental paralysis, with a million colors shooting though...

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Compassion Lost & Found.

  By Debbie Lynn It slips and slides, comes and goes and weaves images of “should, could and would” all over my brain. I know intuitively what this means, so I fight all the human urges I have not to spew as I try to keep my opinions and judgment in check. And I find I lack—I lack the ability to be emphatic to the illogical hatred and blatant intolerances running rabid right now. I just can’t do it. So, I talk a lot about rising above the atrocities and loving people at an arms length. It works, it...

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Spiritual Anger Rising.

  By Debbie Lynn We all face irritations (the irrational, the ignorant) and with those irritations come the immense urge to unload our anger. In today’s climate there are many views on what to do with this emotion. We are told to put in our pocket—or told to release it—but then told later where and how high we should shove it. And while releasing a barrage of expletives can be somewhat satisfying, it also pulls us into the underbelly of a world that survives on the dramatic side; yet holding back can be detrimental to our health (physically and...

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