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In Meditation

  By Debbie Lynn Today I was cut in half. The line was precise—vivid—and in my mind’s eye I could witness this thin separation of dark to light, completely surreal. There was a cool shadow to the right of my body that took on the black, and a warm white light to the left that felt really good and I smiled. Back to the breath. The sounds around me—water kissing the hull, the roar of a floatplane, and muffled voices. I had music in my head that was trying to catch up with the music playing on my iPod,...

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Beyond the Stereotype: Yoga Really is For All

  By Debbie Lynn I picked up one of my favorite yoga magazines today and began to thumb through it. As usual the advertisements for pharmaceuticals offended me, the poses offered this month are done with taste, and the models are, (not surprisingly) mostly young with perfectly coiffed hair and athletic bodies. Of course there was all kinds of “foodie and tea love” found lacing the pages, but the Editor’s Letter was a surprise. It said (in essence) how “in this issue” she wanted the practice of yoga to unite the community. She states how she took a look...

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Impermanence Sucks: Coping with the Cosmic Dance

  By Debbie Lynn Impermanence sucks, it just does. In our humanness, it seems we all want consistency and predictability; we rely on habits and patterns even when we know that nothing lasts forever. Knowing that longevity is only a dream, why do we get sideswiped by loss and change? For me, this is why: I feel sad when I see the fallen leaf turning to lace, holding on to a skeleton of the past. I feel empty when a rainbow dissolves. I feel melancholy when I hear the coo of a dove whispering a distant melody. I breakdown...

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God Speed

  By Debbie Lynn Last week, my husband was seriously wounded in a head-on crash in the Caribbean, (Turks and Caicos). His injuries were critical enough that the E.R. doctor strongly advised that he be life flighted to the U.S. Of course, I complied. And although his wounds were life threatening and painful, I am happy to report the worst is now over. Overwhelmed with emotion (and without much detail) I put I plea out on Facebook for positive vibes and/or prayer. The outpouring was mind-bending, heart-felt and sublime. But mixed in with all the love, was an undertone...

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Notes from a Jaded Traveler

  By Debbie Lynn It is 6.30 AM, Sunday. Anse Mitan, Martinique The sun begins to illuminate the sky and the reflecting light makes everything look pastel, like an old painting. The horizon is delineated by a slightly darker shade of blue, separating the sky from the water. The ocean is flat as far as the eye can see; proving to me again how there are so many, many illusions that we live in. The distant melody of an island coming to life serves as a reminder we are, somewhat, back in civilization. The dogs barking, airplane thunder, cars and...

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