Author: Debbie Lynn

The Death of a Ballerina

  By Debbie Lynn As I took the last curtsy, my head held high in grace, the curtain closed and the applause was bittersweet. It was the last few minutes of perfectly choreographed movement. The spotlight bathing my body and the sweat trickling down the nape of my neck was overriding the pain of my heart. This pain was trying to escape through my chest and in the blink of an eye, it was over. I paused in my glory and thought “I was fluid tonight.” Backstage, unraveling my elegance, the satin brushes my skin. What softness, what shimmer,...

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System of Down: Stop Getting Caught Up in Beliefs (there is so much more)

  By Debbie Lynn Dogmas and beliefs tend to trip us up and keep us in a closed-minded space, they also keep us away from a bigger view. And although the view is expansive, we will never be able to fully see it when we are bound to one opinion—one dimension, in time and space. It took me a long time to understand that it was my own attitude that was holding me back from real happiness, and that I had only scratched the surface of misunderstandings about what it truly meant to be free. Free from fears, free...

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It Takes a Village, So Let’s Create One

  By Debbie Lynn Conformity is a huge undertaking when it makes our gut hurt, skin crawl and feels so very alien—and yet, there is a certain comfort in the uncomfortable that we long for, need; and we occasionally wax nostalgic in dreamy remiss. Sometimes, I wish in another time and place there wasn’t any need for validation, because in that “need” we end up swimming in the river of ambitious expectation. We put a lot of hope in humanity that they will ease up on judgments and perhaps try to accept things outside the self. But it doesn’t...

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Today I Prayed

  By Debbie Lynn Hanging on to the edge of change; autumn is looming, sultry, dark and slightly oppressive, but the feeling is comfortable and I wonder, if that is a sign of submission. As I watch the sun begin to rise and illuminate the ground, I feel a bit of raw-guilt in my gut. I pause; life is good, I am happy and yet somehow (I don’t know why) there is a part of me that feels undeserving. Contentment is as viable as it is elusive—soft, menacing and full of trickery. The minutes of light are dispersing ever...

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Yes, Even Well-Meant Rants Can be a Form of Violence

  By Debbie Lynn I was off the grid for a while. When we returned, I was more than appalled by the current affairs and the horrid happenings (not to mention my disdain to the non-stop rhetoric of POTUS responding to the atrocity). As I scrolled though my news feed I read a myriad soap-boxed posts professing their “whiteness” and love for all colors, races and creeds, etc. With my heart and mind aflame I started to join the call, but as I did, something changed inside me. I thought I was armed and ready to shame the shamers...

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