Author: Deb Avery

Love is Wishing You Happiness Without Demands.

  By Deb Avery When we tell someone I love you what do we really mean? Exactly what is this thing called love? I have used this phrase many, many times in my life, with many people, animals and even places. Sometimes it’s my way of communicating the attraction, emotions and closeness I’ve felt with a person in my life; I simply wanted someone to know I thought they were wonderful—it was expressing happiness and joy. However, at other times, I have to admit, there were emotions, ego and neediness attached to those three words. I longed to hear it repeated back to...

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Overthinking? Come Back to the Simplicity of the Breath.

  By Deb S. Raine   As the sun filters through the great oaks above me and the gentle breeze gives movement and grace to the green leaves on the branches, I sit calmly there beneath them. Beauty, peace and grace surrounds me like a gossamer cloak and my heart is full of gratitude. But this wasn’t always so. Earlier my mind was busy with the mundane cares of living in this modern world. How am I going to pay for all these unexpected medical bills? What can I do to help ease all the suffering? What am I going...

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I Forgive You & I am Ready To Let You Go.

  By Deb Avery A gentle summer breeze caressed her face as she sat in the garden, eyes closed, breathing deeply. It brought a smile to her upturned face as she sat there on her cushion atop her yoga mat and the lush green grass. It had been a long journey, this life of hers, and she hoped there were still miles to go. She also hoped that maybe—just maybe—the remainder of her journey would prove to be a little more peaceful than the past. But she was ready to continue on and enjoy the magic along the way. She let her...

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The Season of Darkness & Light.

  By Deb Avery I sit and watch them as they come early in the morning. Their long slender necks turning this way and that, feeling at ease, but always watchful for the little ones in the herd. They graze for a few minutes in the wide open lawn before finding their way to the hickory trees near the South side of the house. Acorn and hickory nuts are favored treats of the deer. There is an abundance of both in this yard and surrounding woodlands. As I watch, holiday music is playing in the background, I feel the...

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Halloween: The Pagan Festival of Samhain.

  By Deb Avery   Over 2,000 years ago, October 31st would have been Samhain Eve. The word Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen) literally means, “summer’s end.” The actual day for Samhain is November 1st, but the rituals and festivities would begin at sundown the previous night on the Eve of Samhain. The day would be spent sweeping (literally and figuratively) the houses with a straw broom to remove not only the dust and cobwebs, but the old energies of the house as well. This was all in preparation for the coming of the new year with its new energies. Food would...

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