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Deb Avery lives in the Southern United States with her animals, surrounded by mighty oaks and woodlands. All of Nature is her friend and teacher. She is an avid gardener, reader of books, lover of all beings, who is often referred to as a “bit of a weird one,” which she takes as a compliment. Volunteering is one of her passions both in the animal world and that of humans. Having lived in many diverse places, including several years abroad, she has learned first hand that deep inside we are all one and the same. She enjoys long walks with her dog Sam, yoga and meditation. Along with The Tattooed Buddha, her writing has been published in Savana East, The Elephant Journal and Wake Magazine. You can also find her blog @ stormraine.wordpress.com

February 2015

Eradicate the Dark Age Politics, Because Our World Can’t Wait Forever.

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Bansky   By Deb Avery An Italian scientist and scholar named Galileo made pioneering observations that laid the foundation for our modern physics and astronomy. He was a great scientist. Yet he was accused of heresy by the Catholic Church, imprisoned, and died years later still in a prison cell. Of course his [...]

To Truly Let Go.

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By Deb Avery Nelson Mandela made the following comment upon his release from prison after almost 30 years: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” These words, and the heartfelt meaning [...]

January 2015

My Last Battle with Depression.

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  By Deb Avery I begin to notice movement and a shape in the darkness. It's frightening---as if falling into the abyss isn't enough, I'm no longer alone in this dismal, dark place. Terror and despair compete against each other in the forefront of my mind. Then, a strange thing happens. The shape draws nearer, and [...]

Our Standing Brothers and Sisters.

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  By Deb Avery I once lived in a foreign land with no stately oaks, no colorful maples or poplars, nor the evergreen beauty of the pines and cedar. Though I was experiencing the enlightenment that comes with living in another culture, I felt at times, desolate and bereft. I missed my standing brothers and [...]